Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Diplomatic Nightmare

***I think Glenn Reynolds may be on to something. Maybe John Kerry is Secretary of State in order make Killary's tenure in that position look good by comparison.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry has stepped in it again — with a gaffe that this time not only makes him look foolish but makes a mess of U.S. foreign policy and destroys any chance he had of realizing his legacy pipe dream of brokering Middle East peace.
In a private meeting with senior international officials Friday, Kerry said that if the Israelis and Palestinians can’t achieve a two-state solution, Israel risks becoming “an apartheid state with second-class citizens.”
Israelis are aghast — especially with Kerry’s remarks being reported yesterday on Holocaust Remembrance Day — and have started issuing calls for his resignation. Foreign policy experts are stunned, saying Kerry’s racially charged statements are major setbacks to peace negotiations in the Middle East.
“No wonder our diplomacy in the Middle East is so wretched,” former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton told the Herald, calling Kerry’s remarks “outrageous and defamatory.”

What an embarrassment.

***Illinois Democrat faces child porn charges. Haven't heard about this, have you? Think you would have if he were a Republican?

Former state Rep. Keith Farnham traded child pornography online — and even boasted that he’d molested a 6-year-old girl — according to federal prosecutors.
The Elgin Democrat, 66, emailed to what he believed was a fellow pedophile videos of children who appeared to be as young as six months old being molested, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday.
But the man he allegedly sent the videos to was in fact an undercover Homeland Security investigator.

Pure evil - but if you're a Democrat, you get a pass from the media.

***Dems skid to new low -- in the polls, that is. Not sure how they could get much lower otherwise. 

Democrats face serious obstacles as they look to the November elections, with President Obama’s approval rating at a new low and a majority of voters saying they prefer a Congress in Republican hands to check the president’s agenda, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.
Obama’s approval rating fell to 41 percent, down from 46 percent through the first three months of the year and the lowest of his presidency in Post-ABC News polls. Just 42 percent approve of his handling of the economy, 37 percent approve of how he is handling the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and 34 percent approve of his handling of the situation involving Ukraine and Russia.

One has to wonder about the mental capacity of those still approving of his handling of *anything*.


***A yabba dabba doozy of a vacation stop. It's the Flintstones! Hey, that looks like fun!

In the middle of the Arizona desert, south of the Grand Canyon, is a real-world version of Bedrock City, the Flintstones' home town.
Established in 1972 — six years after the animated show ended its 166-episode run — the roadside attraction features replicas of Fred and Barney's favorite haunts, including their homes, a grocery store, movie theater, gas station, doctor's office, and a dinosaur with a built-in slide. The famous foot-powered cars also make an appearance, though attempting to drive them is an exercise in exhaustion.

***White House seeks small business to manage Obamacare web site. Right...you're trying to put us out of business, until you need one of us. 

***Timing is Everything...

"One of the sanets, surest, and most generous joys of life comes from being happy over the good fortune of others." Archibald Rutledge

***Have a great day!

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