Sunday, April 13, 2014

Coming Together...

***Well, I have my lemons sliced and in my water thingy, got the potatoes peeled and cooked for the potato salad, cake baked, orange jello fluff salad made...I just know I'm forgetting something! :-)  Gonna get some work done, then go set my table, dust, etc. Can't wait for everyone to get here!

***ADHD. I've always thought this is over-diagnosed and over-medicated. Kids are SUPPOSED to be active, for heaven's sake!

With more than six million American children having received a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, concern has been rising that the condition is being significantly misdiagnosed and overtreated with prescription medications.
Yet now some powerful figures in mental health are claiming to have identified a new disorder that could vastly expand the ranks of young people treated for attention problems. Called sluggish cognitive tempo, the condition is said to be characterized by lethargy, daydreaming and slow mental processing. By some researchers’ estimates, it is present in perhaps two million children.
Experts pushing for more research into sluggish cognitive tempo say it is gaining momentum toward recognition as a legitimate disorder — and, as such, a candidate for pharmacological treatment. Some of the condition’s researchers have helped Eli Lilly investigate how its flagship A.D.H.D. drug might treat it.

Well, we can't have kids daydreaming, can we?

***Here's a shock for your Sunday: Obama lies about voter fraud. Think they're getting desperate?
A tragic phenomenon has affected President Obama since he became President.  The more radical his audience, the more outrageous his lies.
At his appearance before Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, Obama called voter fraud claims “bogus” and said his Justice Department has “taken on more than 100 voting rights cases since 2009.
This is a bald faced lie.  One need merely click this link at the Justice Department’s own website to see it is a lie.  The truth is that 39 cases have been brought, not 100, and only 13 relate to protecting minority voting rights – usually foreign language ballot issues.  The rest of the cases involve states sending out military ballots (an effort only begun after blistering coverage at PJ Media and elsewhere in 2010).

***                    Super Nintendog! (Yep, that's a dog...)

***White House to send Biden to Kiev as conflict with Russia escalates. Well, isn't that a comforting thought...

***Last minute tips for taxes. Well, I hope they help you. It's too late for us this year...

***2015 Lexus crossover revealed. I like it! Hey, a girl can dream.

THIS is what I want, though (yeah, yeah, another pipe dream...)

***U.S. Navy to turn seawater into jet fuel. 

The Navy just found a way to reduce its dependence on possible adversaries for oil — it’s converted seawater into jet fuel.
Navy researchers have announced a major technological breakthrough, saying that they have been able to convert seawater into CO2 and hydrogen, Defense One reported. By successfully clearing the chemical hurdle, scientists can now use another series of chemical processes to create a seawater-based fuel.



Downtempo Indie Worship band Loud Harp are back after successfully crowdfunding their second album, titled ‘Asaph’. As the band themselves write, they now have a new focus with their music, “no longer songs from the bottom of the pit, these are the songs of a people ascending the hill of the Lord.” The familiar chilled, progressive acoustic sounds of these worshippers remains, but now perfected with extra subtleties in their compositions; with the centrepiece of the album being these two tracks that start as an instrumental that builds in to a meditative chant in the second song (121) I Lift My Eyes.
I lift my eyes to the hills
My help comes from You
You never sleep, you’re watching me
My constant help in trouble.
I set my eyes on
I fix my gaze on
I set my life on You

***Communism doesn't work because people like to own stuff. ~~ Frank Zappa

***Have a great day!


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  2. Something I learned while blogging - I would lose the verification on comments. Google does a great job of identifying spam. I've gotten less than three pieces of spam in two years without the verification.
    The verification will cut down on people commenting on mobile devices because it is such a pain.
    I'm looking forward to your updates.
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