Friday, March 7, 2014

The Wages of Weakness

***Charles Krauthammer nails it again.

Vladimir Putin is a lucky man. And he’s got three more years of luck to come.
He takes Crimea, and President Obama says it’s not in Russia’s interest, not even strategically clever. Indeed, it’s a sign of weakness.

Really? Crimea belonged to Moscow for 200 years. Russia annexed it 20 years before Jeffersonacquired Louisiana. Lost it in the humiliation of the 1990s. Putin got it back in about three days without firing a shot. 

***Cummings' hissy fit:  Cummings' hissy fit was intended to give the press something to report on besides the fact that Lois Lerner took the Fifth again, undermining the White House’s “phony scandal” claims. Cummings was going to do that no matter what happened — that’s basically his job on the Committee, as the White House’s water boy — and the press was going to pick up on whatever he did because they’re water boys too.
By ignoring the absurd theatrics of the Congressional Black Caucus, Boehner and Issa are making clear that they’re serious, and won’t be rolled here. I think that’s good. From Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit.

***House votes to make the fine $0 for violating the individual mandate. Well, it's a start. The whole dang thing needs to be repealed, but we just don't have the power right now. 

The House of Representatives passed legislation Wednesday afternoon to make the fine/“tax” for violating Obamacare’s individual mandate $0 for this year, and it did so by the wide margin of 90 votes (250 to 160).  That’s 83 more than the 7-vote margin (219 to 212) by which Obamacare passed the House four Marches ago.  Moreover, 27 Democrats voted for today’s legislation—27 more than the number of Republicans who voted for Obamacare when it passed.  In all, 223 Republicans voted for today’s bill, while only one—Paul Broun of Georgia—voted against it.  Here’s the member-by-member tally for the vote.


***AP smears Trail Life boys. Of course they do. That's what liberal "journalists" do.

Total misrepresentation, and it was intentional. Read the article and you'll see.

***Why do liberals hate black conservatives? Easy. They are living proof that liberal "fixes" for the black community are not necessary. Black people CAN do anything they put their minds to. They should be furious with liberals for looking down on them, not thinking they can do anything without their help. Liberals really do have black people under their thumb, and that's just where they want them. Why can't they see that?

***World's steepest roads:

***Unbelievable elevators:

Lots more at the link.

Prosperity is not without many fears and distastes, and adversity is not without comforts and hopes. Francis Bacon

***Have a great day!

Prosperity is not without many fears and distastes, and adversity is not without comforts and hopes. Francis Bacon

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