Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Top 10

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SO true.

***Amen, Oliver North.

Former U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel turned political commentator Oliver North, is weighing on President Barack Obama’s weakness in the realm of foreign policy. While appearing on Fox News, North said Obama “is Jimmy Carter on steroids.”

During an interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity, Oliver spoke about the chaos in the Ukraine and its ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Oliver lamented over America’s fall from power under Obama and expressed concern about the U.S. future as a world power.

“If you could have imagined that someone is happy that Obama is president, it has to be Jimmy Carter because he’s no longer the worst president in our history,” Oliver said.

***Woman laments lack of chivalry. This is a woman making observations about how things have changed.

Has anyone ever helped pop my bag up into the overhead compartment? Nope. Have I seen any other woman helped? Nope.
This week, an engineer in his 50s just stood there in the aisle, his hands clasped, as I played Olympic weight-lifting with my suitcase right in front of him. Just stood there, looking intently at the sticky carpet. Probably afraid to chip a nail or something.
Has the women's liberation movement really scared the bejesus out of men this much?
When did it become chivalrous to steadfastly look away and not bother to help?
If a 6am flight is anything to go by, you'd think the concept of a gentleman was well and truly dead.

Let me hasten to say that there ARE still gentlemen out there. But this woman is right in that the behavior of women in the past few decades has brought this on. There are some who are offended when a man tries to open her door for her. Personally, I find it flattering when a man treats me with respect. For some reason, many "liberated" women don't. No wonder men are confused.

***Simple pleasures:

  1. Sleeping In on a Rainy Day – As the rain beats lightly against the window, you nestle your head deeper into your pillow.  The sound is soothing and your bed feels like a sanctuary.  There is no place you would rather be.
  2. Finding Money You Didn’t Know You Had – You reach into your pocket and find a $20 bill from the last time you wore these jeans.  You aren’t rich, but you are richer than you were a second earlier.
  3. Receiving a Real Letter or Package via Snail Mail – E-mail has become the primary source of written communication.  Most snail mail these days is junk mail.  When you check the mail and find a real letter or package from someone you know, excitement overtakes you as you tear into this rare gift.

Lots more at the link.


***Democrats try to bully cancer sufferer into silence.

I wrote here about a hard-hitting Obamacare ad that Americans For Prosperity is running in Michigan. The ad features Julie Boonstra, a Michigan resident who suffers from leukemia. Mrs. Boonstra had an excellent health care plan, which gave her access to top-notch doctors and the treatments that she needs. But she lost that coverage because of Obamacare. The ad targets Congressman Gary Peters, who voted for Obamacare. The ad is, as I wrote, devastating.
Now the Democrats are striking back. They are calling Mrs. Boonstra a liar, and are demanding that Michigan television stations stop broadcasting the ad–an implicit admission of how damaging it is to Peters, who is running for the Senate. The Democrats’ cease and desist letter was signed by two lawyers from the powerful Perkins, Coie firm in Washington, D.C. You can read their letter here. The Democrats, using a one-two punch, also apparently complained to Glenn Kessler, who writes the Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” column.

Stuff like this is why I feel like slapping people who claim the Republicans are "heartless" and "don't care about people," etc. There are way too many willfully ignorant, just plain dumb people who vote, and they vote Democrat.

***Why parents are "paranoid" about Common Core. With good reason.

***Cool cat!

***Why do you have to be a nonconformist like everybody else? ~~ James Thurber

***Have a great day!

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