Monday, February 3, 2014

The Interview

***No, I didn't watch. I just can't put myself through that. I read the transcripts. Obama's interview with Bill O'Reilly was just more of the same. At least O'Reilly didn't let him filibuster like he usually does, playing out the clock so he doesn't have to answer too many questions. He also asked some of the questions that the "mainstream" media won't. But...we just got more non-answers and lies. The biggest whopper? "There is not even a smidgen of corruption with the IRS scandal." Right. And I'm the Queen of the Nile. If there's not a smidgen of corruption, why did Lois Lerner take the 5th?

I was also reminded why I'm not much of an O'Reilly fan. He ended up telling Obama his "heart is in the right place." BS. I'm not even convinced he has one.

***Dow plunges nearly 250 points. Well that's not good. Darn that Bush! He's always trying to make Obama look bad.

***Yes, the Democrats are just ordinary people, always denigrating  the evil rich. However, the billionaires are lining up behind Hillary  Clinton. You won't see much coverage of this.

Billionaires Alice Walton, George Soros and Marc Benioff are helping to finance a super-political action committee encouraging former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to run for president, according to a report filed yesterday with the Federal Election Commission.
Each gave $25,000 to Ready for Hillary PAC, organized a year ago to provide Clinton outside support if she chooses to seek the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.

George Soros is evil and should be deported.


No kidding. Peyton. They're blaming him, but his offensive line let him down again and again.

***Jay Leno:
This week in New Orleans, Hillary Clinton said she still doesn't know if she's running for president in 2016. Isn’t that unbelievable? With 315 million Americans, what are the odds she’s the only one in the country who doesn’t know she’s running for president in 2016?

Canadian bad-boy Justin Bieber was arrested in Toronto for beating up a limo driver. Which, of course, is really embarrassing — for the limo driver. He has to admit in open court he got beat up by Justin Bieber.

A petition to have Justin Bieber deported got over 100,000 signatures, which means the White House now has to legally rule on it. So finally a chance for Obama to issue an executive order that both Republicans and Democrats can agree on.

Music industry executives are now defending Justin Bieber, saying that he was arrested because he was profiled by the Miami police. Well, how much longer will we put up with "the man" targeting rich white kids in Lamborghinis? When is that going to stop?

***Here's a good rundown of the best Super Bowl commercials. Since I don't watch the game, I'm glad to see the best ones all in one place. My vote goes to the one with the soldier returning home.


***Have a great day!


  1. I can comment from my laptop but not from my desk top computer. Mom should probably stay with one of us tomorrow.

  2. I couldn't watch it either. He has no values. I don't think O'Reilly should have praised him for caring about our troops either. Stick to Benghazi, and then tell me how much he cares.


    Mom's gonna stay here tonight, Myra.