Saturday, February 1, 2014

Early Bird

***Hey y'all. Blogging a little early because I get to see Emily today! We're meeting for lunch, then power suit shopping for an interview she has coming up. Really looking forward to that. Johnny has to work so he can't join us, but we'll probably pop in on him at Barnes & Noble and hit the Starbucks there.

***Wealth shaming. Obama is a master at this. What gets me is...he and his Democrat buddies who tell everyone how evil rich people are, are worth millions. How do people not see the hypocrisy? It's not the people like the Kennedys, who inherit their wealth, or the Kerrys, who marry it, but the people who WORK for it who are the targets. You know, the people out there working 15 hours a day, creating jobs and stimulating the economy. THOSE are the evil ones in their eyes. As my dad used to say, it's bass-ackwards.

The State of the Job Creator is under siege.
Last week, a prominent self-made tech mogul dared to diagnose the problem publicly. His passionate letter to The Wall Street Journal decried the “progressive war on the American 1 percent.” He called on the left to stop demonizing “the rich,” and he condemned the Occupy movement’s “rising tide of hatred.”
The mini-manifesto was newsworthy because this truth-teller is not a GOP politician or conservative activist or Fox News personality. As he points out, he lives in the “epicenter of progressive thought, San Francisco.” No matter. The mob is shooting the messenger anyway. But maybe, just maybe, his critical message in defense of our nation’s achievers will transcend, inspire, embolden and prevail.

Read the whole piece, it's a good one.

***Super Security at Super Bowl.  They really seem worried this year. I sincerely hope all goes well. And that the Broncos win.

***Flying snakes? Did you know those existed? I sure didn't.

The weird flying snake, Chrysopelea paradisi, curls its tail around a tree branch more than 50 feet above the ground before launching upward, curling its body and gliding to the next tree limb.



***Fox News most trusted TV news source five years in a row. Well deserved. That's why liberals hate them, because they don't slant so far to the Left they fall over, like the other news outlets.

Fox News is the most trusted news source in television, with 35 percent of Americans saying they have more confidence in the cable news channel than any other TV news channel, according to the latest poll.

This marks the fifth year in a row since Public Policy Polling began its annual survey on the most trusted TV news source that Fox News has taken the top spot. The survey of 845 registered voters was taken Jan. 23-26 and has a 3.4 percent margin of error.

When it came to other news outlets, PBS and ABC News earned 14 percent each, with CNN getting 10 percent, CBS News nine percent, Comedy Central and MSNBC getting six percent each and NBC News in last place with three percent.

 Pretty amazing that MSNBC got ANY percent, but there's always the crazy liberal element out there that will watch them and like what they see.

***One of the most controversial Super Bowl ads ever? Why yes, because it celebrated family and life! Can't have that. Should have had a same-sex marriage on, that would have received rave reviews!

Amid all the hoopla surrounding this Sunday’s Super Bowl, I can’t help but think back to the 2010 game. That’s the year Focus on the Family debuted its now-famous ad featuring Pam and Tim Tebow. It still gives me a chuckle to think how some groups branded our innocuous commercial “inappropriate,” “offensive” and “hate masquerading as love” – all without ever seeing it! These allegations led to an intense media blitz leading up to the game that had me speaking with and appearing on what seemed an endless number of media outlets.
All that is why Time Magazine just named Focus on the Family’s commercial among “The 13 Most Controversial Super Bowl Ads Ever.”
Of course, when our commercial finally debuted, our critics were in for a major surprise. The ad lived up to its tagline “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life.”


                                       Go Peyton!

Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.
Ronald Reagan 

***Have a great day!

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