Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to the Tea Party

***From Power Line:

There will be a celebration of the fifth anniversary of the Tea Party today in Washington DC.  The Wall Street Journal‘s Jason Riley gives a run down here.  The Tea Party is the best thing to happen to American politics since the tax revolt of the 1970s.  Paradoxically, its broader focus has made it both less easy to lead and organize effectively, and easier for liberal media to attack, such that polls show many voters in the middle have an unfavorable impression of the Tea Party even while they agree with many Tea Party points of view on individual issues.  It was ever so in politics.

Yes, the liberal media has people believing things about the Tea Party that simply aren't true, but we've come to expect that from our "news" media.

***I'm disappointed that Jan Brewer vetoed the Arizona bill that would protect business owners from having to conduct business contrary to their religious beliefs.

 Ending a day that cast a glaring national spotlight on Arizona, Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican, vetoed a bill on Wednesday that would have given business owners the right to refuse service to gay men, lesbians and other people on religious grounds.

As usual, our liberal media made the bill something it wasn't. Here's Rich Lowry's take:

It was jarring to read the coverage of the new “anti-gay bill” passed by the Arizona Legislature and then look up the text of the instantly notorious SB 1062. The bill was roughly 998 pages shorter than much of legislation that passes in Washington, so reading it didn’t take much of a commitment. Clocking in at barely two pages, it was easy to scan for disparaging references to homosexuality, for veiled references to homosexuality, for any references to homosexuality at all.
They weren’t there. A headline from The Week declared, “There is nothing Christian about Arizona’s anti-gay bill.” It would be more accurate to say that there was nothing anti-gay about Arizona’s anti-gay bill.
The legislation consisted of minor clarifications of the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which has been on the books for 15 years and is modeled on the federal act that passed with big bipartisan majorities in the 1990s and was signed into law by President Bill Clinton.
Arizona was going to lose the Super Bowl over this? Maybe so. Gov. Jan Brewer took no chances and vetoed it Wednesday. The bill was the subject of a truly awe-inspiring tsunami of poorly informed indignation.
For The New York Times editorial board, the bill was “A License to Discriminate.” It constituted “the legalizing of anti-gay prejudice,” according to a piece in U.S.News & World Report. It was, Salon scoffed, “cartoonishly bigoted.” A reference to Jim Crow was obligatory in any discussion of the bill on cable TV.
Sign of the times. Our media not doing its job, actively trying to influence public opinion rather than simply reporting the news. Well, in this case it worked. I like Jan Brewer, though, and I'm not going to trash her over one decision that I disagree with.

***Another case of the courts overruling the will of the people: Federal Judge Strikes Down Texas Gay Marriage Ban. It doesn't matter what we the people want any more. If we keep electing stinkin' liberals, we'll continue to get stinkin' judges who legislate from the bench rather than interpret the law. 


***I've been in a discussion with a good friend of mine who also happens to be liberal. It really does floor me when otherwise reasonably intelligent people defend this president, are all rah-rah over Hillary Clinton, etc. How can anyone not see the corruption and absence of character in those two? I don't get it.

***Jimmy Fallon:

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is making the rounds again. Today he did an interview with Matt Lauer on the "Today" show. Lauer said, "Thanks for getting up early to be with us." Then Ford said, "I never went to bed."

Disney World is raising the price of a one-day ticket to Epcot to $94. It's now so expensive that families are saving money by just taking actual trips around the world.

A spelling bee in Missouri was forced to shut down on Saturday because it ran out of words for the final two contestants to spell. The organizers said, “You know, someone ought to just publish a big book with all the words in it.”

The FDA has approved a new camera that can be swallowed so that doctors can look at the inside of their patients' bodies. So to answer your question: Yes, selfies CAN get worse.

 ??Seriously?? This is the new Tonight Show host? Talk about lame...


***Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


***Ever have one of those days where you're not really sick, but you don't feel good and wish you could just go to bed? That's me today - probably because of the extra stressful week I've had. No signs of it letting up any time soon, so I guess I'll just pull up my big girl panties and stay at it.

***Rand Paul: "Democrats should be embarrassed to be seen with Bill Clinton." Heck yes, and I could enter quite a few other names in there, too. However, they're proud of him! Oh, they think he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. When I hear someone reminiscing about how wonderful things were with Clinton, I want to stuff a blue dress in their mouth.

***This is just *wrong*. NFL threatens to pull Super Bowl from Arizona if Jan Brewer signs The Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Heck, it wouldn't bother me to boycott the NFL, they're turning into wusses anyway, afraid to get their heads bumped and all.

Opponents of the bill contend that it will allow Arizona businesses to refuse service to homosexual customers.
But, as with most bills in Congress, the attack ads have little to do with the actual legislation.

Pretty much sums up how liberals operate. Most of what they're saying has nothing to do with the actual bill.

***Muslim terrorists murder 59 children in Nigeria. The "Religion of Peace" at it again.

Stories like this happen all the time, and we can’t begin to note all of them. Still, the murder of 59 boys, either shot or burned to death, deserves mention. Terrorists from Boko Haram–which means “Western education is sinful”–attacked a school in northeast Nigeria. Attacking schools and murdering students is a favorite tactic of Boko Haram, which is trying to force Nigeria to institute Sharia law:
Gunmen from Islamist group Boko Haram shot or burned to death 59 pupils in a boarding school in northeast Nigeria overnight, a hospital official and security forces said on Tuesday. …
“Fresh bodies have been brought in. More bodies were discovered in the bush after the students who had escaped with bullet wounds died from their injuries,” [Bala Ajiya] said.
Rafai, who had given an earlier estimate of 29 killed, said all those killed were boys. He said the school’s 24 buildings, including staff quarters, were completely burned to the ground.



***This is sad. Did you see this fall? It was awful. I hope she recovers.

Olympic skicross racer Maria Komissarova of Russia remains confident of walking again despite having no feeling in her legs.
Komissarova writes on Instagram, ''I don't feel my body below my navel. But I am strong and I know that I'll be able to stand on my legs again some day.''
The 23-year-old Komissarova remains in a Munich rehabilitation center after breaking her spine at the Sochi Winter Games. She will remain there for at least three months, a spokesman for the Russian freestyle ski federation told the Interfax news agency.

***Well, I haven't noticed THIS: After 50, growing a nest egg gets easier.


***From A Gift of Inspiration:

A special place

There is a special place in life, that needs my humble skill,
a certain job I'm meant to do, which no one else can fulfil.
The time will be demanding and the pay is not too good
and yet I wouldn't change it for a moment - even if I could.
There is a special place in life, a goal I must attain,
a dream that I must follow, because I won't be back again.
There is a mark that I must leave, however small it seems to be,
a legacy of love for those who follow after me.
There is a special place in life, that only I may share,
a little path that bears my name, awaiting me somewhere.
There is a hand that I must hold, a word that I must say,
a smile that I must give for there are tears to blow away.
There is a special place in life that I was meant to fill,
a sunny spot where flowers grow upon a windy hill.
There's always a tomorrow and the best is yet to be,
and somewhere in this world, I know there is a place for me.
Author Unknown
***The Obama Administration puts the fate of animals above that of humans. This is sickening, but typical of liberals.
In one of Alaska's most remote outposts, where a thousand hardy souls make their homes, the Obama administration has put the fate of birds and bears above the lives of people, blocking construction of an 11-mile gravel trail connecting a tiny fishing hamlet to a life-saving airport.
For more than three decades the predominantly Aleut fishing community of King Cove has been fighting to build a one-lane,gravel track connecting the Cove to the nearby hamlet of Cold Bay. What they have gotten is 30 years of flat-out federal refusals or stall tactics.
Cove residents say a road is necessary so they can reach an all-weather airport in Cold Bay that will transport them to Anchorage, about 625 miles away, for medical treatment. They say that in emergency situations, it's a matter of life and death.
Late last year, though, the Department of Interior announced it was rejecting plans for a proposed land swap that would allow the road to be built. The Dec. 23 decision cited the negative environmental impact on grizzly bears, caribou and water fowl like the Pacific black brant.

I'm speechless.


***The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles. ~~ Ayn Rand

***Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Silencing the Truth

***Climate change advocates try to silence Krauthammer. Yes, these are the enlightened ones, the ones who are tolerant of all opinions, the ones who pretend to love science...but all they're after is control.

Charles Krauthammer says it right up front in his Washington Post column: “I’m not a global warming believer. I’m not a global warming denier.”
He does, however, challenge the notion that the science on climate change is settled and says those who insist otherwise are engaged in “a crude attempt to silence critics and delegitimize debate.”
How ironic, then, that some environmental activists launched a petition urging the Post not to publish Krauthammer’s column on Friday.
Their response to opinions they disagree with is to suppress the speech.
Typical liberal response. No substance to fire back with, so they try to silence the opposition.

***Here's another example of the intolerance of the "live and let live" crowd.

In response to a number of lawsuits in which such providers of wedding-related services as bakers and photographers have been threatened with conscription into participating in same-sex ceremonies to which they object on religious grounds, Arizona’s state legislature has adopted a law under which businesses that decline to provide such services will enjoy protection.
It is perhaps unfortunate that it has come to this, but organized homosexuality, a phenomenon that is more about progressive pieties than gay rights per se, remains on the permanent offensive in the culture wars. Live-and-let-live is a creed that the gay lobby specifically rejects: The owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado was threatened with a year in jail for declining to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding. New Mexico photographer Elaine Huguenin was similarly threatened for declining to photograph a same-sex wedding. It is worth noting that neither the baker nor the photographer categorically refuses services to homosexuals; birthday cakes and portrait photography were both on the menu. The business owners specifically objected to participating in a civic/religious ceremony that violated their own consciences.
And the so-called liberals answer: “To hell with your consciences.”

Read the whole piece. Very informative. Those who yell the loudest about "intolerance" are the most intolerant of all.

***Why Piers Morgan flopped. You mean other than the fact that he's an arrogant jerk?

Piers Morgan believes he shot himself in the foot by crusading for gun control, with his CNN show as the final casualty.
But the self-inflicted damage was far deeper than that.
The British journalist undoubtedly alienated many in the audience (and perhaps delighted others) with his crusade against guns. But when he would bring on gun advocates and rail against them as “stupid,” well, it was hard to watch.
Morgan’s political advocacy sliced at the heart of CNN’s brand, which helps explain why the network has decided to cancel his show. That, and anemic ratings, of course. (Last Wednesday, for instance, Morgan drew 345,000 viewers, compared with 860,000 for MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and 2.06 million for Fox’s Megyn Kelly.)

Don't you just love to see Fox News trounce its liberal competitors??


***From Inspire 21:

As I've aged...
I've become kinder to myself, and less critical of myself.
I've become my own friend.
I have seen too many dear friends leave this world too soon; before they understood the great freedom that comes with aging.
Whose business is it if I choose to read or play on the computer until 4AM or sleep until noon?
I will dance with myself to those wonderful tunes of the 60 &70's, and if I, at the same time, wish to weep over a lost love... I will.
I will walk the beach in a swim suit that is stretched over a bulging body, and will dive into the waves with abandon if I choose to, despite the pitying glances from the jet set.
They, too, will get old.

***Dick Cheney: Obama would rather fund food stamps than the military. Well, that's obvious.

The military cuts announced Monday by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will hurt future presidents' ability to protect the country, says former Vice President Dick Cheney.

"I've obviously not been a strong supporter of Barack Obama, but this really is over the top. It does enormous long-term damage to our military," Cheney said Monday on Fox News Channel's "Hannity."  "They act as though it's like highway spending in that you can turn it on and off."

***Taco Bell going into the breakfast business. This Waffle Taco looks good!

***Butter in your coffee?  Ew. Apparently there's a method to the madness...

The caffeine in normal coffee, Asprey says, gives you an initial buzz, but in a while you’ll eventually crash. His low-toxin Bulletproof Coffee, on the other hand, contains MCT oil – a blend of coconut and palm oil – and has healthy fats that keep you going for hours.
“It’s about how you feel two hours later,” Asprey said.  “With normal coffee, you get a food craving and get tired two hours later.   [Bulletproof coffee] doesn’t cause a 10:30 crash we’re used to.  It gives you a huge boost over normal coffee.”


***If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again.  ~Flavia Weedn, Flavia and the Dream Maker, ©

***Have a great day!

Monday, February 24, 2014


***There are medical "ethicists" and "philosophers" now arguing for after-birth abortion. Shouldn't surprise anyone, that's the natural extrapolation of the Left's obsession with abortion.

Euthanasia in infants has been proposed by philosophers3 for children with severe abnormalities whose lives can be expected to be not worth living and who are experiencing unbearable suffering.
Also medical professionals have recognised the need for guidelines about cases in which death seems to be in the best interest of the child. In The Netherlands, for instance, the Groningen Protocol (2002) allows to actively terminate the life of ‘infants with a hopeless prognosis who experience what parents and medical experts deem to be unbearable suffering’.4

Read the whole thing. It will horrify you, if you have an ounce of humanity. This is pure evil.

***The human face of Obamacare.

The story Stephen Blackwood tells is like something out of Kafka—or, perhaps a closer analogy, like something out a totalitarian satrap, for there is nothing fictional about this nightmare. The mind-numbing bureaucracy. The stunning incompetence. The casual, unthinking brutality. It’s all there, coming to a shattered life near you. One day Mrs. Blackwood had the health insurance plan she had paid for for two decades. Then, “because our lawmakers and president thought they could do better, she had nothing.” Nothing. Nada. Nichts. Rien.

Keep reminding people that it was Democrats, and ONLY Democrats, who foisted this national nightmare on the country.

***Pentagon to shrink Army. No problem. It's not like there's anything scary going on in the world...

 Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel plans to shrink the United States Army to its smallest force since before the World War II buildup and eliminate an entire class of Air Force attack jets in a new spending proposal that officials describe as the first Pentagon budget to aggressively push the military off the war footing adopted after the terror attacks of 2001.


***A good man. George W. Bush will help veterans reintegrate into society after their service.

Raddatz this week moderated panels at a summit at the Bush Institute as part of its Military Service Initiative, and sat down for an interview with Bush and Jake Wood, a former Marine Corps squad leader and founder of Team Rubicon.

Wood's group is a nonprofit organization that teams veterans and doctors who have made a commitment to change disaster response. The organization has helped rehabilitate Joplin, Mo., which was devastated by a tornado, and the Jersey Shore after it was slammed by Superstorm Sandy. Team Rubicon, and the Bush Center, are both concentrating on veterans and their reintegration into civilian life.

"These are men and women who volunteered in the face of danger," Bush told Raddatz. "I mean, they knew right after 9/11 that the nation would seek justice and to protect ourselves. And some got hurt, and some of them need a lot of help. And our nation owes a huge debt of gratitude.”

 Amen, Mr. President. Thank you.

***Bully Democrat goes after cancer patient because of her ad. Just imaging the howling from the Left if a Republican did this.

A Michigan cancer patient is fighting back after her critical claims about ObamaCare were called into question by a Democratic congressman, who went so far as to threaten Michigan television stations running her ad.
Julie Boonstra, who was diagnosed five years ago with leukemia, was featured in an ad last week by the conservative Americans for Prosperity. In it, she said her insurance plan was canceled because of the Affordable Care Act, and claimed her out-of-pocket costs are now "so high it's unaffordable."
The target of that ad, Michigan Rep. Gary Peters, subsequently had his campaign lawyers write to Michigan TV stations, effectively warning that their FCC licenses could be at risk unless they demanded more proof from AFP.
But Boonstra, in an interview with Fox News on Monday, defended her claims and blasted Peters for trying to take down the ad.
"They're not scaring me. Cancer scares me," she said. "I battle cancer every day. They're not going to intimidate me."

Big wuss.


***Scott Hamilton's story. This is great.

***Goodbye, and Keep Cold
by Robert Frost

This saying good-bye on the edge of the dark
And cold to an orchard so young in the bark
Reminds me of all that can happen to harm
An orchard away at the end of the farm
All winter, cut off by a hill from the house.
I don't want it girdled by rabbit and mouse,
I don't want it dreamily nibbled for browse
By deer, and I don't want it budded by grouse.
(If certain it wouldn't be idle to call
I'd summon grouse, rabbit, and deer to the wall
And warn them away with a stick for a gun.)
I don't want it stirred by the heat of the sun.
(We made it secure against being, I hope,
By setting it out on a northerly slope.)
No orchard's the worse for the wintriest storm;
But one thing about it, it mustn't get warm.
"How often already you've had to be told,
Keep cold, young orchard. Good-bye and keep cold.
Dread fifty above more than fifty below."
I have to be gone for a season or so.
My business awhile is with different trees,
Less carefully nourished, less fruitful than these,
And such as is done to their wood with an axe—
Maples and birches and tamaracks.
I wish I could promise to lie in the night
And think of an orchard's arboreal plight
When slowly (and nobody comes with a light)
Its heart sinks lower under the sod.
But something has to be left to God.


"Life is like a ten speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use." -- Charles Schultz

***Have a great day!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Top 10

***Saw this on Facebook - love it!

SO true.

***Amen, Oliver North.

Former U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel turned political commentator Oliver North, is weighing on President Barack Obama’s weakness in the realm of foreign policy. While appearing on Fox News, North said Obama “is Jimmy Carter on steroids.”

During an interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity, Oliver spoke about the chaos in the Ukraine and its ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Oliver lamented over America’s fall from power under Obama and expressed concern about the U.S. future as a world power.

“If you could have imagined that someone is happy that Obama is president, it has to be Jimmy Carter because he’s no longer the worst president in our history,” Oliver said.

***Woman laments lack of chivalry. This is a woman making observations about how things have changed.

Has anyone ever helped pop my bag up into the overhead compartment? Nope. Have I seen any other woman helped? Nope.
This week, an engineer in his 50s just stood there in the aisle, his hands clasped, as I played Olympic weight-lifting with my suitcase right in front of him. Just stood there, looking intently at the sticky carpet. Probably afraid to chip a nail or something.
Has the women's liberation movement really scared the bejesus out of men this much?
When did it become chivalrous to steadfastly look away and not bother to help?
If a 6am flight is anything to go by, you'd think the concept of a gentleman was well and truly dead.

Let me hasten to say that there ARE still gentlemen out there. But this woman is right in that the behavior of women in the past few decades has brought this on. There are some who are offended when a man tries to open her door for her. Personally, I find it flattering when a man treats me with respect. For some reason, many "liberated" women don't. No wonder men are confused.

***Simple pleasures:

  1. Sleeping In on a Rainy Day – As the rain beats lightly against the window, you nestle your head deeper into your pillow.  The sound is soothing and your bed feels like a sanctuary.  There is no place you would rather be.
  2. Finding Money You Didn’t Know You Had – You reach into your pocket and find a $20 bill from the last time you wore these jeans.  You aren’t rich, but you are richer than you were a second earlier.
  3. Receiving a Real Letter or Package via Snail Mail – E-mail has become the primary source of written communication.  Most snail mail these days is junk mail.  When you check the mail and find a real letter or package from someone you know, excitement overtakes you as you tear into this rare gift.

Lots more at the link.


***Democrats try to bully cancer sufferer into silence.

I wrote here about a hard-hitting Obamacare ad that Americans For Prosperity is running in Michigan. The ad features Julie Boonstra, a Michigan resident who suffers from leukemia. Mrs. Boonstra had an excellent health care plan, which gave her access to top-notch doctors and the treatments that she needs. But she lost that coverage because of Obamacare. The ad targets Congressman Gary Peters, who voted for Obamacare. The ad is, as I wrote, devastating.
Now the Democrats are striking back. They are calling Mrs. Boonstra a liar, and are demanding that Michigan television stations stop broadcasting the ad–an implicit admission of how damaging it is to Peters, who is running for the Senate. The Democrats’ cease and desist letter was signed by two lawyers from the powerful Perkins, Coie firm in Washington, D.C. You can read their letter here. The Democrats, using a one-two punch, also apparently complained to Glenn Kessler, who writes the Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” column.

Stuff like this is why I feel like slapping people who claim the Republicans are "heartless" and "don't care about people," etc. There are way too many willfully ignorant, just plain dumb people who vote, and they vote Democrat.

***Why parents are "paranoid" about Common Core. With good reason.

***Cool cat!

***Why do you have to be a nonconformist like everybody else? ~~ James Thurber

***Have a great day!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's Obvious

***Unless you're a hopeless Leftist hack or just a clueless uninformed voter, you can't ignore the attacks on conservatives by Obama and his administration.

Earlier today, John noted that “everywhere we look, our friends on the right are under attack.” In nearly all cases, the Obama administration is doing the attacking, be it through ridiculous criminal prosecution or harassment via the IRS, the FBI, the EPA, and even OSHA.
We shouldn’t be surprised. Obama has been attacking his political opponents through trumped up charges of unlawful activity since he first ran for president.

More here:

Everywhere we look, our friends on the right are under attack. Dinesh D’Souza is being charged with multiple felonies for an alleged chickenfeed campaign finance violation. Mark Steyn and National Review are being sued. Organizers of conservative grass roots groups like Catherine Engelbrecht are being harassed by federal agencies including IRS, OSHA, FBI and EPA. Various conservatives of our acquaintance, who will remain nameless to protect the innocent, are being audited by the IRS or subjected to unspecified criminal “investigations” by partisan U.S. Attorneys. Charles and David Koch have been subjected to a campaign of vilification unprecedented in our history. And that is before we get to the Obama administration’s just-launched effort to use the FCC to shut down conservatives in radio and television (about which, more later today, or maybe tomorrow).

He has to be stopped. I'm not sure how that can be done, I just know it has to happen.

***Our "First Lady" in action.

Something is seriously wrong with Michelle Obama.  Pitching ObamaCare on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,  Mrs. Obama called young adults "knuckleheads."  The first lady openly mocked the 18- to 29-year-olds who catapulted her husband into the White House in 2008 and 2012.
Fallon: Because a lot of young people watch our show. Would you like to tell me - why would they...?  Because a lot people don't have the money  to spend on this.
Obama: Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, young people can stay on their parents' insurance until they are 26. But once they hit 26, they're on their own and a lot of young people think they are invincible. But the truth is, young people are knuckleheads, you know? They're the ones who are cooking for the first time and slice their finger open. They're dancing on the bar stool.
Keep in mind Michelle Obama is addressing the same demographic that went crazy over Barack Obama in two presidential elections.  Instead of expressing gratitude, FLOTUS makes fun of them.
Webster's Dictionary defines the slang word "knucklehead" as a "bumbling, inept, stupid" person.  So how stupid were Obama's young followers?  Stupid enough to vote in a president whose wife appears on national television implying that they are a bunch of drunken idiots falling off bar stools.
Seems Mrs. Obama got what she wanted in 2012, and now the empress can go all Alinsky on the poor suckers who made it happen.  Like most sociopathic bullies, Michelle not only tosses her prey aside after she finishes with them, but she laughs while they suffer.
I know I covered this yesterday, but it just really gets me how so many people think this entitled, spoiled, obnoxious woman is "cool."


“Christ uncrowned himself,” William Dyer wrote, “to crown us, and put off his robes to put on our rags.” Jesus made great sacrifices for us. He left behind glorious things so he could take us in. There is much to admire about our planet; there is much to look forward to in heaven.

Read the whole thing.


***NBC labels Olympian David Wise's love of God, wife, and child as "alternative lifestyle."

David Wise, 23, who just won the Olympic gold for freestyle skiing, has now made headlines for a different reason: He’s married to a woman, has a 2-year-old and one day wants to be a pastor — and that’s an usual path, NBC deems.
NBC reporter Skyler Wilder wrote: “David Wise is at the top of his sport. He’s always smiling among his friends and competitors, however, he’s not like the rest of the field. He is mature.”
The profile piece also goes on: “At such a young age, Wise has the lifestyle of an adult. He wears a Baby Bjorn baby carrier around the house. He also attends church regularly and says he could see himself becoming a pastor a little later down the road.”
But it was the title the evoked a strong response, Deseret News reported: “David Wise’s alternative lifestyle leads to Olympic gold.”

 The world has really turned upside down.


***Have a great day!

Friday, February 21, 2014


***That's what Michelle Obama thinks of young people.

"Well, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, young people can stay on their parents' insurance until they are 26," said the first lady of the United States. "But once they hit 26 -- they're on their own. And a lot young people think they're invincible. But the truth is, young people are knuckleheads. They're the ones who are cooking for the first time and slice their finger open, they're dancing on the bar stool."

She makes me sick.

***Is Obamacare repeal in the air? I don't dare hope.

A first Democratic senator has indicated he thinks it might be time to scrap Obamacare. While legislators should work to fix the law in the meantime, Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia told Beckley’s Register Herald that he would support getting rid of the law entirely.
“I will vote tomorrow to repeal [the Affordable Care Act], but I want to fix the problems in it,” Manchin told an audience.

I think the Democrats are getting nervous. Things aren't looking good for them in November. 

The first piece concluded that, based on President Obama’s job approval rating, Democrats have substantial vulnerability in 2014. This vulnerability is deeper than many analysts are willing to consider right now.  Over the past two cycles, the president’s job approval has explained 58 percent of the variance in competitive Senate races in any given state. Given Obama’s current weak numbers, this seemingly bodes poorly for Democrats. Remember, the midterm map is the “reddest” Senate map Democrats have had to defend while Obama has been president. Their overexposure makes it something of a perfect storm scenario if things do not improve.  This doesn’t mean that the problems are insuperable for Democrats.  It simply means that the playing field is stacked heavily against them.
 We need to continually beat the drum that it was Democrats, and Democrats only, who foisted this evil monstrosity called Obamacare on America.


How Doth the Little Crocodile
by Lewis Carroll
How doth the little crocodile
Improve his shining tail,
And pour the waters of the Nile
On every golden scale!
How cheerfully he seems to grin
How neatly spreads his claws,
And welcomes little fishes in,
With gently smiling jaws!


 ***"We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope." -- Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
***Have a great day!