Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lessons Learned

***A farewell piece from John Kyl, R. Arizona, who is retiring from the Senate. He is gracious, but he tells the truth about the Senate leadership, namely Harry Reid, and his disregard with what the Senate was meant to be. What a sleazy little toad he is.

The decline in civility is not the cause but a symptom of the breakdown in the effectiveness of the Senate in the last two years. The Senate hasn’t done much and has become so partisan because its leadership has tried to shield members from tough votes that could expose them to potential political attacks.
One way to avoid such votes is to deny the minority the right to offer amendments, and there is a parliamentary procedure available to the leader to achieve that. But in absolutely controlling the debate, the majority leader of the Senate effectively becomes the equivalent of the Speaker of the House: in total control and able to stifle the minority party’s voice. Rather than enshrine that in Senate precedent, as the current leader has said he will try to do, the Senate should stick with the rules that have guided it for many decades. The problem today is not the rules; it’s the overly partisan nature of some leaders and many followers.

***Infirm, concussion-stricken Secretary of State jets off to Caribbean resort for New Years Eve bash with media celebs.

And the media yawns...

***Piers Morgan threatens to leave U.S.A. Don't let the door hit you in the butt, dude.

***George H.W. Bush moved out of Intensive Care. Godspeed, Mr. President.


***Questions for gun control zealots.

What's the functional difference between an assault weapon and a semiautomatic rifle? You do understand that the answer is "nothing"? An assault weapon is not an automatic weapon. It is semiautomatic like most guns now sold in the United States, i.e., it fires every time the trigger is pulled. What sets it apart is its scary-looking features.
What's more powerful, the Bushmaster .223 used by Adam Lanza in his slaughter or the average deer-hunting rifle? If the answer is the average deer-hunting rifle — indeed, many states ban the Bushmaster .223 for deer hunting because it is too weak — will you attempt to ban them, too?
What gun law would have stopped Newtown? Please be specific. Adam Lanza's mother didn't have a criminal record. Neither did he. If the Bushmaster .223 had been banned, he could have done the same with a semiautomatic rifle.

If all semiautomatic rifles were banned — something that would never pass Congress — he could have done the same with a semiautomatic handgun. If high-capacity magazines had been banned, he could have reloaded with smaller magazines.
How many guns are in the United States? The answer is 280 million. In a country with that many guns, how is gun control possibly going to succeed? If you ban a small subset of new guns for sale, what are you going to do about the rest?

Read the whole thing.


***Well, THAT looks comfy...

***France overturns 75% top tax rate.  What person in their right mind thinks it's "fair" to take 75% of a person's earnings? Right, right...liberal Democrats are not in their right mind.

***Jamie Foxx and the rise of black bigotry.

Is Jamie Foxx a racist? The actor recently hosted “Saturday Night Live,” delivering a rant that was supposed to be funny. It wasn’t. In fact, had a white person delivered the same monologue but simply exchanged the word “white” for “black,” his career would be over. The hypocrisy and double standard are egregious. They must stop. Black bigotry should no longer be condoned, let alone celebrated.
Mr. Foxx joked about his new film, “Django Unchained,” saying, “I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?” He went on to brag “how black” it is to butcher whites.
It did not end there. Mr. Foxx espoused a crude racial nationalism, celebrating President Obama’s “blackness.” For the actor, Mr. Obama is defined by one overriding characteristic: the color of his skin.
“But I’m going to tell you right now, speaking of blackness, my president, President Obama, is back up in the White House four more years. How black is that?” Mr. Foxx said. “And not only that, he’s so black, he was playing basketball during the Election Day. How black is that? But he was also late for his acceptance speech. OK, all the white people, this is your turn — how black is that?”

What a buffoon.

***                                         Mom? You look...different...

***Says one humorist: "Life is unfair. I lost my car keys at a ball game and never found them. I lost my sunglasses at the beach and never found them. I lost my socks in the washing machine and never found them. I lost three pounds on a diet -- I found them and five more." 
People are like stained-glass windows.
They sparkle and shine when the sun is out,
but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty
is revealed only if there is a light from within
Author Unknown

***Have a great day!

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