Thursday, December 20, 2012

Crazy Indiana Weather!

***Well, I can't log onto a couple of my accounts because the power's out over a big portion of Richmond. Thank goodness mine's still on. I still have a couple of accounts that still use the microcassettes that I can work on, so I'll do that. There's always SOMETHING to do!

***It's unbelievable to me that otherwise intelligent people swallow the lies their Democrat leaders tell them. Gun control is one big one. Study after study (after study after study) shows that where there is the least regulation on guns, there is the least crime, especially murder. Do you think a criminal would rather burglarize in an area where guns are banned, or an area where they are not? I mean, DUH.

***This garbage has certainly been good for the NRA, though. 8000 people a day are becoming members. Looks like there are at least some people who know what a socialist government is about. Gun control is not about guns, it's about control.

***Piers Morgan is a colossal jerk.

Not only did CNN’s Piers Morgan give Ted Turner a pass after the multi-billionaire said it was a ‘good’ thing that more soldiers die by suicide than in combat, he’s now calling those he disagrees with ‘unbelievably stupid’ men.
In an interview with Larry Pratt -the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America- Piers Morgan engaged in ‘high-level’ debate, saying that Pratt was ‘an unbelievably stupid man.’

No wonder CNN's ratings are in the tank.


***From Jim Daly at Focus on the Family:

The churn of the culture reminds me of Rembrandt’s famous painting, The Storm on the Sea of Galilee.

It was the legendary painter’s only seascape, and it dramatically captures the moment right before Jesus calms the turbulent waters (Mark 4:35–40). It’s an exquisite piece of art for several reasons, and an appropriate one to point to at this time in our history.

If you were to examine the painting, you would notice there are fourteen people in the boat.

Have you ever noticed?

This is a curious thing, especially since Mark’s account reveals that Jesus and the twelve disciples are in the vessel.

Who is the fourteenth person?

Rembrandt painted himself in the boat—intended, I believe, to emphasize that we’re all in the boat together. We’re all being tossed about by the waves, constantly confronting the dangerous tide of the world’s sins and imperfections.

Yet, because Jesus is in the boat with us, we have nothing to fear, as long as we put our faith in Him.

***Tebow's faith helps him adjust to tough season.  Great story, check it out.


***Have a great day!

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