Monday, October 15, 2012

Wiggle & Squirm, Bob & Weave

***How would YOU like to be in the position of having to explain Obama's dismal failure during the Libya crisis?

Q. Yes, the president made a statement and then he went to a fundraiser in Nevada. Question: Before he went to the fundraiser in Nevada, did he meet with his National Security Council to try to sort out the shifting stories. Because State says they never said it was a spontaneous demonstration; Intel, you are quite right, did. Did he meet with the National Security Council before he went campaigning in Nevada?

A. Chris, I assure you that the president was in contact with all those who had information and responsibility in the national security chain about this incident.

In other words, "No."

***No wonder the economy's tanking: 40% of every small business dollar goes to pay for federal regulations.  These are the people who produce jobs, and they are attacked at every turn by this administration.

***CEO: Every business guy I know is afraid of Barack Obama. As they should be.

Steven Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts, said on Monday that he was sitting on his thumbs with over a billion dollars tied up because he was unsure what government program the Obama administration would unveil next, and stressed that he was "afraid of the president."
In an interview, Jon Ralston, host of Ralston Reports on NBC-affiliate KSNV MyNews3 in Nevada, asked Wynn: “You called him [Obama] a socialist. You called the president a socialist. And you used this memorable phrase that business leaders quote, ‘were sitting on their thumbs until he’s gone.’ But they’re not really. I mean, you’re not -- you haven’t been doing that?”
“Yes I have,” Wynn said.

***                                           QUID PRO QUO, CLARICE...

***Entrepreneurial evangelists. This is interesting.

***Arlen Specter, RIP.

***Skydiver survives 24 mile high jump. Sheesh.



***Life's problems wouldn't be called "hurdles" if there wasn't a way to get over them.  ~Author Unknown

***Have a great day!

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