Monday, October 29, 2012


***If the allegations are proven to be true - yep, in my opinion.

Is it treason when you put your own reelection above the good of your country and the lives of its citizens? If so, Barack Obama committed treason in leaving the four Americans to die in Benghazi.
Our Constitution defines it this way: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”
Aid and comfort to the enemy — what is that?
When you ascribe an action to the protest of a video when it is actuality a planned terror attack by Ansar al-Shariah, an established offshoot of al-Qaeda (if that’s not your “enemy,” then who) — and you knew that all along, you watched it live without doing anything, and then you told those who wanted to help to “stand down”? Meanwhile, our government may have been conspiring to arm another offshoot of al-Qaeda in Syria.
How much more treasonous can you get? Benedict Arnold was a piker.

***Campaigning like a 10-year-old - yep.

***Madonna booed after touting Obama at New Orleans concert. Sheesh, they should have booed her as soon as she started singing.

***Romney pulling ahead in Ohio? Oh, I hope so.

***I don't know about you, but there ain't no way I'd cross this...

***Geez, another hair failure...


How To Stop A Church Gossip

Author Unknown

Mildred, the church gossip, and self-appointed monitor of the church's morals, kept sticking her nose into other people's business.
Several members did not approve of her extra curricular activities, but feared her enough to maintain their silence.
She made a mistake, however, when she accused Frank, a new member, of being an alcoholic after she saw his old pickup parked in front of the town's only bar one afternoon.
She emphatically told Frank (and several others) that every one seeing it there "WOULD KNOW WHAT HE WAS DOING!"
Frank, a man of few words, stared at her for a moment and just turned and walked away.  He didn't explain, defend, or deny. He said nothing.
Later that evening, Frank quietly parked his pickup in front of Mildred's house... Walked home... and left it there all night.
(You gotta love Frank!)


***I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. ~~ Will Rogers

***Have a great day!

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