Sunday, October 7, 2012


***Had a great day yesterday. Mom & I did our usual Saturday morning yard sale and Amish store thing, then she took Johnny & I out to lunch at Steak & Shake, then we went to Hobby Lobby. Love that store, I could browse in there for hours. I needed some fall stuff for my big vase, the summer stuff was looking a little out of place with my pumpkins, scarecrows, & such. We took Mom home, then John & I went to the 4th Street Fair. Between that and one of the yard sales, we came home with about 10 books. Just what I need, I have a whole bookshelf of books in line to read, but hey, can't pass 'em up!

***I didn't do any transcription or proofreading at all yesterday - that was nice. However...I will have to make up for that today! It was worth it.

***Really? The Democrats are hoping Biden can blunt Romney's big debate win over Obama. You know they have to be cringing at the thought of Biden versus Ryan in a debate. I, for one, am looking forward to the annihilation.

***Well, isn't this interesting: Obama Raises $181 million, only about 2% of donations reportable.Got this from Breitbart - you won't see it in the mainstream press.

***                                      SPIDER!!! KILLIT!KILLIT!KILLIT!

***Career paths for earning $1 million. Not the careers you'd normally think about, this is interesting. I learned what an "actuary" is.

***Coal Miner's Wife: "EPA has absolutely destroyed our way of life." That's the first big cut President Romney should make. Abolish the EPA.

The industry was already enduring a seasonal downturn after a warm winter that kept demand for coal low. It faces growing competition from cheap, abundant natural gas. And it was struggling with the Environmental Protection Agency's crackdown on permitting for mountaintop removal mines and tougher clean-water standards.

***                                                 COME AT ME, BRO

If you want to believe this drop in the unemployment rate, tell me, what are the policies that made it happen?  How did we go from 8.1 or 2, whatever it is, to 7.8?  How did it happen, policy-wise?  You can't cite anything.  He doesn't have any job growth policy.  He doesn't have any economic growth policy.  All he's doing is growing government, pure and simple.

A little boy comes out of his room into the living room in the middle of the night. There was thunder and lightning in a huge storm outside. The mother comes to see what her son was doing. She knew her little boy would be scared easily by the storm. So she sits next to her son and wraps her arm around him to comfort him.
    The boy finally says, "Can you sleep in my bed tonight?"
    Her response was, "No sweetie, I have to sleep with daddy."
    After a long pause the boy says, "The big sissy!"


***Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere. ~~ G.K. Chesterton

***Have a great day!

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