Monday, September 3, 2012

Obamanation of the Day

***What a narcissist:

I admit it, when it comes to Barack Obama, I think pretty low. But not, apparently, quite low enough. This exchange, from an interview with Cathleen Falsani of the Chicago Sun-Times, took even my jaded breath away:
Falsani: Do you believe in sin?
Obama: Yes.
Falsani: What is sin?
Obama: Being out of alignment with my values.
Have you ever found a pithier summary of the narcissistic core of today’s “progressive” Left-liberal ideology?  I’m not sure I have.

Out of alignment with HIS values? Boy, does that leave the door wide open.

***Great piece on the "Empty Stool President" at Patheos:

 President Obama has consistently been absent, more concerned about branding than leadership, with image and atmospherics than truly rallying the troops and harnessing our resources and solving our most pressing problems.  He turned over the task of crafting solutions on the stimulus bill and the health care bill to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, who predictably butchered it.  He botched the budget compromise with John Boehner and withdrew from the process.  When he thought that partisan gridlock in Congress might make him look bad, rather than forging into the gridlock and navigating a way forward he withdrew to the White House and played over 100 rounds of golf.

Read the whole thing.


***Well, it's here. Labor Day. The official end of the summer. Boy, that went fast, didn't it? I love fall, though, it's my favorite time of year. Heck, our trees are already dropping some leaves.

***Ryan draws hecklers at Iowa State Fair. Well, when you don't have any ideas of your own, you try to drown out the ideas of others.

***”The White House is now urging Americans not to ‘read too much’ into last week’s jobs report. In fact, they said it would be best if you didn’t read it at all.” –Jay Leno

***98-year-old message in a bottle.  This is kinda neat.

***Government inquiry against Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio ends. Finally. Seems the feds (read: the Obama administration) have a problem with someone doing what they should be doing, but they couldn't find anything to charge Sheriff Joe with.

***Carpet cleaning tips. This is a good article, and a chance for me to give a shameless plug for my husband's business, Premium Carpet Care, 765-966-8080. He is very conscientious and does a great job. He uses the hot water, truck mounted extraction method mentioned in the article.


***This is my daughter playing the guitar. :-)

***Everyone grumbled. The sky was grey.
We had nothing to do and nothing to say.
We were nearing the end of a dismal day,
And then there seemed to be nothing beyond,
Daddy fell into the pond!

And everyone's face grew merry and bright,
And Timothy danced for sheer delight.
"Give me the camera, quick, oh quick!
He's crawling out of the duckweed!" Click!

Then the gardener suddenly slapped his knee,
And doubled up, shaking silently,
And the ducks all quacked as if they were daft,
And it sounded as if the old drake laughed.
Oh, there wasn't a thing that didn't respond
Daddy Fell into the pond!

Alfred Noyes  

I dunno, I thought it was cute...

***"History is moving, and it will tend toward hope, or tend toward tragedy." -- George W. Bush

***Have a great day!

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