Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Month of (unreported) Incompetence

***Obama showed gross incompetence during the month of September (as he has for his entire presidency), and the media have all but ignored these stories:

Charles Krauthammer was correct when he suggested that the media should just “relocate to Chicago” given that they’ve all but become “‘an auxiliary of the Obama campaign”.

***Waiting until the wedding night. This is a great column by Steven Crowder.

***Can you believe this? The Obama Administration is urging contractors not to warn of layoffs.

The Obama administration has doubled down on its plea to defense contractors not to warn employees about possible layoffs due to looming budget cuts --  going so far as to offer to cover legal fees in compensation challenges.
The move drew a stern rebuke Friday from South Dakota Republican Sen. John Thune, since federal law requires employers to give notice if mass layoffs are likely.
"For the second time, the Obama administration has now encouraged government contractors to ignore the WARN Act and hold off on warning employees about possible layoffs due to the looming sequestration cuts,” Thune, lead author of the Sequestration Transparency Act, said Friday.

Yeah, they really care about the "working man," don't they? Hit 'em by surprise with a layoff, the poor fools. It's all for the greater good, our Dear Leader's reelection!

***How one man beat diabetes with - wait for it - a low carbohydrate diet. That's certainly the only thing that works for me, and my sister has done really well, having lost 45 lbs this year. She watches her carbs, exercises, and makes sure she drinks enough water. I'm like her in that I'm not likely to journal what I eat, count calories, etc. We make it too hard sometimes.


As he recounts in his just-released book Into the Fire: A Firsthand Account of the Most Extraordinary Battle in the Afghan War,” Meyer and the members of his embedded team came under heavy fire from insurgents near the Afghan village of Ganjigal. Meyer, who was wounded in the fight, made five forays into heavy enemy fire, killed a number of enemy insurgents, evacuated two dozen Afghan soldiers, and recovered the bodies of four Americans, including three of his team members.

1. Samuel Ryder, the namesake of the Ryder Cup Trophy, was a devout Christian businessman who made his fortune selling seed packets (for a penny!) through the mail in Great Britain.OrigRyderTrophy.jpg

2. Mr. Ryder was a Sunday school teacher as a young man and an ordained deacon at Trinity Congregational Church (now Trinity United Reformed Church).

3. Sam Ryder never played golf until he was 50 years of age when he was encouraged by a doctor to pick up the game in order to exercise and get some fresh air.

4. Wanting to share his wealth and spread appreciation for the game of golf, Mr. Ryder donated a trophy to the Free Church Ministers Golf Society in 1902 for a simple tournament.

5. That initial competition in 1902 was twenty-five years before official match play began. Still championing the sport, Mr. Ryder sponsored an international golf tournament in 1926 and donated another gold trophy in 1927 for a contest between American and British players.


***It's this simple, people. Stop believing Obama's hip-pocket media.


***Do it, and then you will feel motivated to do it.  ~Zig Ziglar
***Have a great day!

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