Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday, Monday

***And here we go again! I have a couple of doctors off this week, so I'm hoping to get completely caught up and STAY caught up.

***Heard much about this from the Obama lapdog media? "Man with machete arrested near GOP convention." Yep, walking with Occupy Tampa. Gosh, wonder if there would be any coverage if a Tea Partier did the same thing near the Democrat Convention?

***2016: Obama's America is doing very well at the box office. That's good news.

We all know the rules when it comes to political films, right? They’re just not worth sinking your money into them because people don’t watch. With the sole exception of one “documentary” by Michael Moore, they don’t cover their own costs and people don’t turn out to the theater for them. This is particularly true if you try to produce one from a conservative point of view in the liberal lock-down atmosphere of Hollywood. Well, hold on to your hats. It looks like the the very unflattering critique of the current administration, 2016 Obama’s America, is set to come in at number three this weekend and turn a profit in the first 24 hours since its wide release. (It actually premiered six weeks ago and was previously in limited release.)

It's playing now in Richmond, & I'm going to get there to see it.

***Cool treehouses:

Follow the link for more, I can't get the rest of them to upload.


***The 2012 Republican National Convention

***138 skydivers break the world record.

The world record for skydiving has been broken after 138 skydivers fell at top speed of 220 mph in a snowflake pattern over Illinois.  The entire achievement was certified by the Air Sports Federation who viewed the event at the skydiving festival in Ottawa, near Chicago.

***Diet of sponges and soap. Okay, that's weird...

 Kerry Trebilcock of Mylar, Cornwall has a unique craving for sponges and soap, particularly with some tomato and bbq sauce. She prefers sponges with some hot relish, ketchup, mustard and honey, but if shes out of sponges a fruit scented bar of soap will fill the craving.
This peculiar craving is caused by Pica, which causes people to crave objects that are not considered food.
“I have been very particular about the type of sponges and soaps I’d eat and how I’d prepare them. If I went out for the day I’d carry a small plastic bag of cut-up pieces of sponge with some tomato and BBQ sauce in Tupperware. I was never without a ‘snack’,” said Kerry.

Never heard of that.

***Things you never hear your dad say:

"Well how about that?.....I'm lost!  Looks like we'll have to stop for and ask for directions.

You know pumpkin, now that you are thirteen, you'll be ready for unchaperoned car dates. Won't that be fun?

Here's a credit card and the keys to my new car---GO CRAZY

What do you mean you want to play football?  Figure skating not good enough for you, son?

Your mother and I are going away for the weekend... you might want to  consider throwing a party.

Well, I don't know what's wrong with the car. Probably one of those doo-hickey thingies -- you know -- that makes it run or something. We'll just have to have it towed to a mechanic and pay whatever he asks.

Whaddya wanna go and get a job for?  I make plenty of money for you to spend.

***The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.  ~John E. Southard

***Have a great day!

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