Monday, July 30, 2012

War on Christians

***Rush is absolutely right in this great piece. He starts off with the insidious banning of Chick-fil-A in Boston and Chicago? Why? Because the owner is a professing Christian who believes in the Biblical defition of marriage. No, he didn't say he hates homosexuals. No, he doesn't ban them from his restaurants. But to listen to many liberals, you'd think he guards the doors of his restaurant with thugs holding assault rifles, daring gays to come in. Read Democrat Underground or Daily Kos, and you'll see what I mean. Rush is not real happy with some conservative blogs, either.. An excerpt from Rush's piece:

I read about it on conservative blogs, and I can't believe what I'm reading! I'm reading intellectual treatises on, "Well, you know, they have the right to say these things, and the solution here is let Chick-Fil-A open a store in Chicago and let's see if the people will visit it." That's not the reaction to have! The reaction to have is, "Who the hell do you think you are, Rahm Emanuel? Who the hell do you think you are? What country do you think you're in?"
Now, we want to have an intellectual debate here over the First Amendment? "Well, the solution to this is to let Chick-Fil-A open a store"? Yeah, let Chick-Fil-A open a store with the mayor of Chicago threatening anybody who walks into one? Meanwhile, this company hires gays. They serve gays. They don't discriminate! It's just that the owner happens to be a publicly professed, witnessing Christian. My God, you would think that he's the worst enemy Chicago ever had and the worst enemy Boston ever had!

Emphasis mine. Read the whole thing.

***Ross Douthat:

It may seem strange that anyone could look around the pornography-saturated, fertility-challenged, family-breakdown-plagued West and see a society menaced by a repressive puritanism. But it’s clear that this perspective is widely and sincerely held.
It would be refreshing, though, if it were expressed honestly, without the “of course we respect religious freedom” facade.
If you want to fine Catholic hospitals for following Catholic teaching, or prevent Jewish parents from circumcising their sons, or ban Chick-fil-A in Boston, then don’t tell religious people that you respect our freedoms. Say what you really think: that the exercise of our religion threatens all that’s good and decent, and that you’re going to use the levers of power to bend us to your will.


***10 reasons to drop Windows for Mountain Lion. I'm not a Mac user, but I am going to have to replace my laptop soon and this is tempting...

***Here's an Olympic schedule, if you need one.


***I'm still an atheist, thank God. ~~ Luis Bummel

***Have a great day!

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