Monday, July 2, 2012


***Oh, this is rich. Obama's Chief of Staff Jack Lew was trying to convince Chris Wallace on Fox News that Obamacare is not a tax. Didn't work out so well.

Democrats told us Obamacare was not a tax.
Then they argued in front of the Supreme Court that it was a tax.
Now they want to tell us again that Obamacare is not a tax.
Jack Lew, the Obama White House Chief of Staff, was trying to persuade Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday that Obamacare was not a tax. But it didn’t work out so well for Lew when Wallace played audio of the Obama lawyer arguing that Obamacare was a tax in front of the Supreme Court.

That never would have happened on CNN, ABC, etc. And...remember Obama saying that if you make less than $250,000 a year, you'd never pay more tax?

In the video, it's amazing to me that Jack Lew even tries to claim that there are tax CUTS in the health care bill, when it contains dozens of tax INCREASES. I don't think there's one person in this administration who is even vaguely familiar with how to tell the truth.

***We need more like this guy: Florida Governor Rick Scott says Florida will not comply with the Supreme Court's ruling.

***Great church service yesterday - and one that I sorely needed. Last week wasn't a great week, and the praise songs we sang and the sermon from Psalms were exactly what I needed. The bottom line of the whole service was the message that God is in control, He never changes, and we can always count on Him.

HOSANNA, by Brenton Brown

Praise is rising, eyes are turning to you
we turn to you
hope is stirring, hearts are yearning for you
we long for you
when we see you we find strength to face the day
in your presence all our fears are washed away, washed away

Hosanna, hosanna
You are the God who saves us, worthy of all our praises
Hosanna, hosanna
Come have your way among us
We welcome you here Lord Jesus

Hear the sound of hearts returning to you
we turn to you
in your kingdom broken lives are made new
you make all things new

***Go Hoosiers! Indiana sends Congress a bill for the cost of illegal aliens.


***Looks like Roberts changed his view - he initially sided with the conservatives. Wonder if Obama threatened his family or something. I'm being facetious, but I really wouldn't put it past him.


Consider Him

When the storm is raging high,
When the tempest rends the sky,
When my eyes with tears are dim,
Then, my soul, consider Him.

When my plans are in the dust,
When my dearest hopes are crushed,
When is passed each foolish whim,
Then, my soul, consider Him.

When with dearest friends I part,
When deep sorrow fills my heart,
When pain racks each weary limb,
Then, my soul, consider Him.

When I track my weary way,
When fresh trials come each day,
When my faith and hope are dim,
Then, my soul, consider Him.

Clouds or sunshine, dark or bright,
Evening shades or morning light,
When my cup flows o'er the brim,
Then, my soul, consider Him.

Author Unknown


***Minnesota pastor loses church over support of same-sex marriage. That's as it should be.

A Minnesota church is closing its doors for good, split over a reverend’s support of gay marriage.
Rev. Oliver White is looking for a new house of worship, after serving as pastor for 22 years of Grace United Community Church of Christ in Saint Paul, Minn., KMSP Fox 9 reports.
The congregation, which numbered about 300, dwindled to just 125 after White voted in support of same-sex marriage at a UCC conference in Atlanta a few years ago, according to the station.


***"Freedom requires tolerance of foolishness. ... Without this tolerance for the freedom of others, no one's freedoms are secure." -- Dr. Donald J. Boudreaux

***Have a great day!

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