Thursday, July 19, 2012

Arguing With a Liberal

***You'd think I'd know better by now. If you've ever argued with a liberal, you know what I mean. You present facts and a reasoned argument, they present insults because they have nothing other than what they hear on the network news or their union propaganda. You try to engage in reasonable conversation, they engage in profanity and brilliance like, "Oh, you just don't get it." My brother actually said in our last "conversation," "Bend over, working man, if Romney gets in." Of course, he didn't give any reasons or facts to go along with that statement. Yep, Obama has been wonderful for the "working man," hasn't he? There are a whole lot fewer men working, that's for sure. And oh, if you're an entrepreneur - you know, those guys who build businesses and create jobs? "You didn't build that, somebody else made that happen." I don't understand the liberal psyche, I really don't. Obama's never earned a private sector paycheck. Romney has owned businesses and created wealth for himself and others...but HE'S the one who is against the "working man." I resent that phrase. I'm a Republican, so I don't "work?" I employ three many jobs have YOU created, Mr../Ms. Liberal?

***Related to the above: They're railing about Romney and his tax records, because that's what the State-run news media is pushing. He has released two years' worth, that's what most candidates do. No matter. The media has to create this monster in order to draw attention away from Obama's miserable failures as president. And what's this? More hypocrisy!

Rep. Nancy Pelosi was emphatic. Mitt Romney's refusal to release more than two years of his personal tax returns, she said, makes him unfit to win confirmation as a member of the president's Cabinet, let alone to hold the high office himself.
Sen. Harry Reid went further: Romney's refusal to make public more of his tax records makes him unfit to be a dogcatcher.
They do not, however, think that standard of transparency should apply to them. The two Democratic leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives are among hundreds of senators and representatives from both parties who refused to release their tax records.
Just 17 out of the 535 members of Congress released their most recent tax forms or provided some similar documentation of their tax liabilities in response to requests from McClatchy Newspapers over the last three months.

Anybody remember all this outrage about John Kerry's wealth? Of course not! He married his, he didn't earn it as Mitt Romney has. That's anathema to a Democrat.


***It's what they do: Democrat Chuck Schumer calls for "limits" on First Amendment rights.

***Here's a video about small business owners and taking (or not taking) vacations. I can vouch for the truth of this one. We're going to Virginia Beach for three days a little later this summer, and I'm already stressing about it. The only reason we're going is Mark's aunt has offered to "treat" the family, because she thinks this year is probably the last year she'll feel like doing anything like that. We couldn't have gone otherwise. If we go somewhere, which we rarely do, it's usually over a weekend so we're not gone during too many working days. I will be taking my laptop with me and working every morning, because one of my clients can't let me off for three days. I will still be proofreading and transmitting what my typists do. The first thing I looked for when I booked the rental was WiFi access. That's just the way it is when you have a small business. But...I'm a Republican, so somebody else must be doing this for me, right? I didn't build this!

***Space Shuttle Enterprise to open to public soon. I would love to see that!

***Obama hasn't met with this jobs council in six months. Jay Carney's excuse? "He has a lot on this plate." Right. Like playing golf and attending fundraisers.

***                                   Not the sharpest knife in the drawer...

***To character and success, two things, contradictory as they may seem, must go together... humble dependence on God and manly reliance on self.  ~William Wordsworth

***Have a great day!

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