Sunday, July 8, 2012

Are You My Mother?

***Love this Open Letter to Mayor Bloomberg:

I’m sorry, but with all due respect, sir, ARE YOU MY MOTHER? You know, the one that still won’t allow me to drink caffeine after 4 p.m. because it will “keep me up”?
No, no Mayor Bloomberg, you sure as hell are not, so why would you ever think that you can tell me what size soda I am allowed to order at McDonalds, or the movie theater, or anywhere else in New York City?
I know you don’t know me, nor will you most likely ever know me, but there is something very important you must know about me. I live off of Coca-Cola. I eat, breathe and dream of Coke. I tweet about Coke. I write about Coke. I am Coke. And I will not let you try and change me, my beverage consumption, or my weight with your soda ban.

Read the whole thing.


In cancer cells, normal mechanisms governing the cellular life cycle have gone haywire. Cancer cells continue to divide indefinitely, without ever dying off, thus creating rapidly growing tumors. Swiss scientists have discovered a protein complex involved this deregulated process, and hope to be able to exploit it to stop tumor formation in its tracks.

***Aurora over Crater Lake. Beautiful.

***The New York Times is certainly on the Obama bandwagon, which of course is no surprise. The dismal jobs numbers? Why, the Republicans' fault, of course! They've only controlled one branch of government since 2006, but it's all their fault! Amazing.

***Broke California okays funding for high speed rail line. Yup, that's how Democrats do things. Must be a big donor in there somewhere to pay off.


***A good daily habit to make. 
Boy, do I ever need to take this advice...

Be Stillbestill2.jpg

One of the most difficult things in life is to be still.

There is so much noise – the noises of the world, exaggerated by television, radio, and so on.


But you have to be still, you must stop, you must be isolated, you must think.

You cannot meet with the Lord in the midst of the noise and the bustle and the fury of life. You may be a very busy person, but stillness is still possible. You must be quiet in your own room. It is only then that you are likely to meet with him.

Stillness is one of the great prerequisites.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Sermon: The Possibilities of the Christian Life

***Jay Leno:

The Democratic Convention is $27 million in debt. They had to cancel the kick-off event at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. A speedway is the perfect place for the Democratic Convention. You go around in circles, turn left every few seconds, and you end up right where you started.


***Have a great day!

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