Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nanny New York

***First it was a ban on large drinks if they contain sugar. Now, he wants to ban large popcorn and milkshakes. Hey, why not place a guard at everyone's door and go through their groceries when they get home from the store?

His first-in-the-nation ban, formally announced May 31, would limit sweet drinks to 16 ounces at venues across the city -- from restaurants to street carts to movie theaters. However, the proposal allows refills.

Read the last line. Liberals are idiots, but they feel good about it.

*** hair, Mrs. Clinton. The hair...

***"Barack Hussein Kardashian" What a great nickname!

***This has gotta be scaring them: Romney leads Obama in Wisconsin. It's only June, though, folks. Don't get cocky.


***                     Go away, you idiot. There's nothing there, I'm your father...

***There are many things in life that will catch your eye,
but only a few that will catch your heart. Pursue them
Author Unknown
***Have a great day!

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