Sunday, June 3, 2012


***Yesterday was an odd day. My mom, aunt, and I had a great time yard saling all morning, and found some fun things. We then went to an 80th birthday party for another aunt. It was like a family reunion, lots of relatives I rarely see were there from my mom's side of the family. I had to introduce myself to some of the younger ones whom I haven't seen since they were little. Pretty pathetic, since we don't live that far from each other, but it seems that the only time we get together are at funeral homes and a once a year Gabbard reunion. It was nice to see everyone. My aunt is not doing too well, though. She has cancer, and has really gone downhill in the last month or two. It's heartwrenching to see her so frail and feeling bad. If you get a minute, pray for my aunt Tiny's comfort.

***Green Weenie of the Week Award.


***"Smart bomb" for breast cancer. As Glenn Reynolds would say, "Faster, please."

Doctors have successfully dropped the first "smart bomb" on breast cancer, using a drug to deliver a toxic payload to tumor cells while leaving healthy ones alone.
In a key test involving nearly 1,000 women with very advanced disease, the experimental treatment extended by several months the time women lived without their cancer getting worse, doctors planned to report Sunday at a cancer conference in Chicago.
More importantly, the treatment seems likely to improve survival; it will take more time to know for sure. After two years, 65 percent of women who received it were still alive versus 47 percent of those in a comparison group given two standard cancer drugs.

***Your tax dollars at work: At-home GSA employees received travel pay, to the tune of $750,000 over nine months. Bureaucracy breeds corruption.

***Teeny tiny 10 foot car. No kidding.

***How's that Hope 'n Change workin' out for ya? Dismal jobs market report plunges Dow 275 points. Still think it's Dubya's fault? If you do, you need professional help.

***On a related note..."Desperate Dems Still Blaming Bush." This is delusional, and desperate. The idea that any of this economic news has anything to do with Bush is absurd.

***Rumsfeld to received Truman-Reagan award. And well deserved it is.


***Marines honor, stand guard over dying boy. This is a great story, and a great reflection on our military. God bless them.


***"There has never been another you. With no effort on your part you were born to be something very special and set apart. What you are going to do in appreciation of that gift is a decision only you can make."
Dan Zadra 

***Have a great day!


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