Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Socialist Speaks

Where to begin? Is this really all they have, the same old lies they've been trotting out for so many years now? It's amazing the people who believe it, otherwise intelligent people who are putty in the hands of these fools in high places.

Can you imagine anyone back in WWII days wringing their hands and wailing, "OMG! This war is not paid for!" Because of course everyone knew we were going to be hit by terrorists on 9-11. I don't understand why a savings account wasn't started. Not a word here about how Iraq is now free, and is no longer a threat to the United States.

Tax breaks for the wealthy? That's the biggest twisted lie they've come up with in a long time, and it's just another front in their Class Warfare scheme. And...another one swallowed by the easily swayed:

From CNN Money:

Bush tax cuts: $544.3 billion…The bulk of that cost — $463 billion — is for the extension of cuts for families making less than $250,000, including two years of relief for 2010 and 2011 for the middle class from the Alternative Minimum Tax.
The rest — $81.5 billion — is attributable to the extension of cuts that apply to the highest income families.
In other words, 85% of the tax cuts went to the middle class.

Here's who pays the taxes in this country:

• The TOP 50% pay 97% of all income taxes
• The TOP 1% pay 39%, up 2% from 2000 when President Bush took office
*Source Link: Data from the Latest Tax Year Released by the IRS.
Wall Street Journal: "In 1980, when the top income tax rate was 70%, the richest 1% paid only 19% of all income taxes; now, with a top rate of 35%, they pay more than double that share."

Bernie's third point: "The recession was caused by the greed, recklessness, and illegal behavior on Wall Street."  Examples? Oh wait, there are none. What's missing? There's not a word about Obama and the Democrats' spending.

In his first three budgets, Obama borrowed nearly $5 trillion. Currently, the government is borrowing about 45 percent of everything that it spends. Obama's projected 10-year plan would add nearly $10 trillion to existing U.S. debt. This spring he proposed the largest annual deficit in U.S. peacetime history, which is why his $3.7 trillion budget for 2012 was rejected in the Senate by a 97-0 vote.
In other words, under Obama, the government during the last three years has borrowed on average about $4 billion each day. That staggering sum is far in excess of the $1.6 billion per day during the eight-year tenure of George W. Bush, who until Obama's presidency had borrowed more than any peacetime president.

That, my dear Socialist, is a big reason for the recession. Interesting that you place absolutely no blame on the party which has had control of at least 2/3 of the government since 2006.


***Someone's out to get me...first I couldn't get much done yesterday because cable kept going in and out, then when they finally got the problem fixed and I got going - we had a big storm and lost power. It went out about 4:00 p.m., and we just got it back this morning at about 10:30. So much for my 3:00 a.m. power transcribing.

***This Supreme Court verdict on Obamacare still has me in a funk. If this decision and the decision regarding Arizona's laws regarding illegal immigrants don't show that we absolutely cannot allow Barack Obama another term in which he could appoint another Supreme Court justice, I don't know what does.

***The White House is still denying that the individual mandate is  a tax. Well, then they're admitting that it's unconstitutional, according to the Supreme Court. Doesn't matter, though. They'll do whatever they want, as long as Republicans let them.

***Check out Rush's web site for his commentary on this awful decision.

***Cher: Another Hollywood idiot.


***"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing.  It behooves you, therefore, to be watchful in your States as well as in the Federal Government." -- Andrew Jackson, Farewell Address, March 4, 1837

***Have a great day!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Largest Tax Increase in History

***That's what America got yesterday when the Supreme Court ruled that the Individual Mandate is unconstitutional, but since they call it a tax, it can stand. The betrayal of John Roberts, whom everyone thought was conservative, is the biggest slap in the face.

November is the chance to get rid of the people who did this, and then put in place people we hope mean it when they say they're going to repeal it. That's it, folks. That is all that remains. Because, as of today, the American government can and will seize your private property if you don't purchase and/or sell what's been ordered. It's really breathtaking, what happened today. And it is breathtaking to watch ignoramuses who don't really understand what happened celebrate it. We have been betrayed and deceived by Congress. We have been betrayed and deceived by the Supreme Court.
It was never contemplated that Obamacare was a massive tax increase. Can you imagine them selling it on the basis of it being a massive tax increase? You heard Obama. He went out of his way to tell everybody it wasn't a tax increase. That was the death knell for the bill to call it a massive tax increase! He's running around telling everybody that nobody is gonna pay increased taxes. So we've been spent into deficit hell. We've now been taxed into disposable income hell. The Constitution's under assault, and so is every individual living here under assault.
"Do as you're told! Shut up, sit down, or pay a tax."

November is American's only hope. We are on a slippery slope toward Socialism, and this decision yesterday made the hill a lot steeper.

***Timothy Dalrymple finds 5 possible silver linings in yesterday's decision. I'm still in too much of a funk to see any.

***House votes to hold Eric Holder in contempt.

The House on Thursday cited Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. for contempt of Congress in a historic vote weighted with political significance — though it does little to break the stalemate over his decision to withhold documents regarding the Justice Department’s actions in a botched gunwalking operation.
The House voted 255-67 to hold Mr. Holder in criminal contempt in a vote that amounted to a political spanking for the attorney general and President Obama, underscored by the 17 Democrats who joined Republicans.
Most Democrats walked out of the vote in a protest led by the Congressional Black Caucus.
The vote marks the first time an attorney general has been held in contempt by a chamber of Congress.

Yes, the most ethical and transparent administration in history...

***This is for my daughter Emily - she hates Crocs!

***Amazing: The USDA is encouraging more people to go on food stamps. How many times have you been behind someone in the checkout line wearing Nikes, using a SmartPhone, and paying with their food stamp card? The Democrats have 'em just where they want 'em, dependent on the government when they should be taking care of themselves.

***Eleven well paying jobs that don't require a 4 year degree.

***And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. ~~ Romans 8:28

***Have a great day!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Momentous Day

***Today's the day they're saying the Supreme Court will render its decision on Obamacare. Our very freedom is at stake here, or at least freedom as we've known it. Putting our health care into the hands of the federal government is an awful mistake, and puts us firmly on the path to socialism. How's that workin' out for Europe? I pray that SCOTUS makes the Constitutional decision here.

***Wanna see REAL racism, not the kind you're accused of just because you disagree with Obama? Black lawmakers plan walkout during Eric Holder's contempt vote. Simple question: Would they do the same thing if Holder were white?

***Ever heard of the FLIP ship? Check out this video!

***Government intelligence...

***Bush led - Obama follows. Yep.

Condoleezza Rice says former President George W. Bush was more willing to take criticism for asserting American leadership abroad than President Barack Obama, who she suggested is a bit on the timid side when it comes to leading on the world stage.
“I think when people talk about leading from behind — which is a kind of oxymoron — you’re seeing some of that,” said Rice, who served as secretary of state under Bush.
Rice, in the second part of a taped interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, acknowledged Tuesday night there are similarities between the Bush and Obama foreign policies, especially concerning “the war on terrorism.”
But she said where Bush was bold in plotting the course of U.S. foreign policy, Obama seems to hold back waiting for a path to open rather than making one.

***Prayers for Colorado. Man, that fire is really scary.

***This is interesting: 10 brands that will disappear in 2013. Johnny will be disappointed if PacSun goes out of business!


***Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Wagon's Draggin'

***Wow, almost went two days without blogging. Just wanted to let all my readers know (all six of them) that I've been drowning in work and haven't been able to get my head above water for a few days now. To top it off, this morning my cable went out for a couple of hours. NOT good.

2 Corinthians 4:16-18  So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison,  as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.



"Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can."
~ Unknown 
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Monday, June 25, 2012

A Rousing Success!

***Our family reunion went really well yesterday. Had lots of people come, lots of great food, and just a very pleasant visit with relatives we don't see nearly enough.

***Here is yet another example of journalistic malpractice:

This account of a traffic fatality in South Carolina is perplexing in many ways. For example, is it customary for the deceased to be charged with having his own blood washed off the asphalt?
“I had to pay to have the vehicle towed,” she said. “I had to pay for the vehicle removed and to clean up the street from Justin’s blood on the ground.”
Robinson [the victim's mother] said that was the bill that stung the most – paying $50 to have the street cleaned.
“First of all, having to open the mail and look at the charge to the deceased, Justin Darryl Walker — the deceased! It’s just a hard thing to deal with in the context of your child,” she said.
The headline chooses its words carefully:
After Drunken Driver Kills Son, Mother Billed For Cleanup

“Drunken driver”? The perp, Anna Gonzalez, is an illegal immigrant who has been driving in the United States without a license for 12 years. Does WYFF Channel 4 share Ms Gonzalez’s blithe disdain for the tedious business of acquiring a valid driver’s license? Judging from the way the key facts about Ms Gonzalez are withheld until the ante-penultimate paragraph, one would almost get the impression WYFF is cool with illegal immigrants driving illegally as long as they make sure they’re sober when they run over the natives.
As with the Tahrir Square coverage noted below, there are moments when American journalism might just as well declare itself an organized conspiracy against the public.


***Obama's "change."

The majority of Democrats, polls suggest, have followed roughly the same path as the former Yale Law School dean Harold Koh, a staunch critic of Bush’s wartime policies who now serves as a legal adviser to the State Department, supplying constitutional justifications for Obama’s drone campaigns. What was outrageous under a Republican has become executive branch business-as-usual under a Democrat.

***Quote of the Day:

 Richard Epstein said: “I like Obama but I reject the suggestion that he is an intellectual. He is an activist merely mimicking the mannerisms of an intellectual.”


***This is nuts. Chinese man dies of exhaustion after staying up for 11 nights.

***"Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebeck suffers heart attack.

***New theory regarding Stonehenge.

Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital room. One man was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs. His bed was next to the room’s only window. The other man had to spend all his time flat on his back.
The men talked for hours on end. They spoke of their wives and families, their homes, their jobs, their involvement in the military service, where they had been on vacation.
And every afternoon when the man in the bed by the window could sit up, he would pass the time by describing to his roommate all the things he could see outside the window. The man in the other bed began to live for those one-hour periods where his world would be broadened and enlivened by all the activity and color of the world outside.
The window overlooked a park with a lovely lake. Ducks and swans played on the water while children sailed their model boats. Young lovers walked arm in arm amidst flowers of every color of the rainbow. Grand old trees graced the landscape, and a fine view of the city skyline could be seen in the distance.
As the man by the window described all this in exquisite detail, the man on the other side of the room would close his eyes and imagine the picturesque scene.
One warm afternoon the man by the window described a parade passing by. Although the other man couldn’t hear the band – he could see it in his mind’s eye as the gentleman by the window portrayed it with descriptive words.
Days and weeks passed. One morning, the day nurse arrived to bring water for their baths only to find the lifeless body of the man by the window, who had died peacefully in his sleep. She was saddened and called the hospital attendants to take the body away.
As soon as it seemed appropriate, the other man asked if he could be moved next to the window. The nurse was happy to make the switch, and after making sure he was comfortable, she left him alone. Slowly, painfully, he propped himself up on one elbow to take his first look at the world outside. Finally, he would have the joy of seeing it for himself.
He strained to slowly turn to look out the window beside the bed. It faced a blank wall. The man asked the nurse what could have compelled his deceased roommate who had described such wonderful things outside this window. The nurse responded that the man was blind and could not even see the wall. She said, “Perhaps he just wanted to encourage you.”

- Author Unknown


"Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life. "
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson  
***Have a great day!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Family Reunion!

***Well, the big day is here. We have worked ourselves to a frazzle getting the house and yard ready. Looks nice, though! I'm looking forward to it, I hope a lot of the family can come.

***"The Empowered Man," the newest painting by Jon McNaughton. Click and look at it closely. This is a good one!

***GOP to sustain repeal push if Obamacare is upheld by the Supreme Court. Good, we need a Plan B, just in case.  I still hold out hope that the smart ones on the Court will outweigh the dimwits like Kagan and Sotomayor. The Court is one of the biggest reasons we absolutely must replace Obama in November. We can't afford to let him pick another Justice, or maybe even two.

***Ashton Eaton breaks world Decathlon record. Wow, what a grueling event.

***"Mugly" wins World's Ugliest Dog contest.

***Saying "I Love You" without saying a word.

Of all the little expressions of love — such as a box of chocolates, a hand-written poem or a bouquet of wild flowers — my favorite is a good old-fashioned kiss. Whether it be our customary kiss when we greet each other after a day at work or a surprise smooch in line at the grocery store, I always feel loved when my husband, Les, initiates this simple act of affection.

***Green "drivel" exposed. Father of Global Warming recants. Bet you haven't heard much about this in the Obamamedia.

Having observed that global temperatures since the turn of the millennium have not gone up in the way computer-based climate models predicted, Lovelock acknowledged, “the problem is we don’t know what the climate is doing. We thought we knew 20 years ago.” Now, Lovelock has given a follow-up interview to the UK’s Guardian newspaper in which he delivers more bombshells sure to anger the global green movement, which for years worshipped his Gaia theory and apocalyptic predictions that billions would die from man-made climate change by the end of this century.
Lovelock still believes anthropogenic global warming is occurring and that mankind must lower its greenhouse gas emissions, but says it’s now clear the doomsday predictions, including his own (and Al Gore’s) were incorrect.
He responds to attacks on his revised views by noting that, unlike many climate scientists who fear a loss of government funding if they admit error, as a freelance scientist, he’s never been afraid to revise his theories in the face of new evidence. Indeed, that’s how science advances.


***George Washington's annotated Constitution fetches $10 million at auction. Wow. Wouldn't that be something to have?

Printed and bound in 1789, the book features Washington’s signature on the title page and sold for a winning bid of $9,826,500 - an amount the venerable auction house said was a world auction record for an American book or historical document.
Part of Washington’s original private library at Mount Vernon, the book will once again be housed at the historic Virginia estate, as part of the collection at the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington, currently under construction and set to open next fall.
Washington himself once wrote, ‘the Constitution is our guide, which I will never abandon,’ ” Mount Vernon Ladies‘ Association regent Ann Bookout said in a statement. “By acquiring this book - his personal copy of the Constitution - we are taking him quite literally.

Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end.
It's not a day when you lounge around doing nothing;
it's when you've had everything to do, and you've done it
Lord Acton

***Have a great day!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gonna Be a Wild One!

***This weekend, I mean. I woke up a little before 2:00 a.m....I guess because I have so much to do this weekend I can't sleep! Family reunion here tomorrow, so of course I have a lot to do in the house, plus a ton of transcription. And yes, I'm still going to take a couple of hours this morning with Mom to go to yard sales and the Amish store. Can't give that up!

***Saw this on Facebook, posted by one of my fellow staunch conservatives - love it!

***Jury finds Jerry Sandusky guilty on 45 counts. Wow.

***New Jersey woman files lawsuit against Little Leaguer for hitting her with a baseball. No, it wasn't on purpose. What an idiot. The kid was 11 years old when it happened.

***Real classy guys, er, girls, er...

Gay Activists flip off Reagan portrait.


***Money saving grocery secrets. Who can't use that?

***Nancy Pelosi really is stupid...

CONGRESSMAN GOWDY: I could not believe it when I heard her saying that. Is that all you have to come back with? It's really beneath the office of a member of Congress to say something that outrageous, and the fact that she was once the Speaker is mind-numbing. Honestly -- and I have heard a lot in my sixteen years as a prosecutor. I couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth. But keep in mind, Greta, this is the same woman who said she could have arrested Karl Rove any day she wanted to. I don't know what was wrong with her yesterday or today or whenever she said that, but I would schedule an appointment with my doctor if she thinks that we're doing this to suppress votes this fall. That is mind-numbingly stupid.

Read the background. It's unbelievable the money we're paying clowns like her.


***From A Gift of Inspiration:

The Oyster

There once was an oyster whose story I tell,
who found that some sand had got into his shell.

It was only a grain, but it gave him great pain,
for oysters have feelings although they're so plain.

Now, did he berate the harsh workings of fate
that brought him to such a deplorable state?

Did he curse at the government, cry for election,
and claim that the sea should have given him protection?

No - he said to himself as he lay on a shell,
since I cannot remove it I shall try to improve it.

Now the years have rolled around, as the years always do.
and he came to his ultimate destiny, a stew.

And the small grain of sand that had bothered him so,
was a beautiful pearl all richly aglow.

Now the tale has a moral, for isn't it grand<
what an oyster can do with a morsel of sand?

What couldn't we do if we'd only begin,
with some of the things that get under our skin?

Author Unknown

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

It was 100 degrees in New York City. It was so hot, you know Solyndra, the solar company? They actually made money.

It was so hot, Attorney General Eric Holder was selling water guns to Mexican drug gangs.

According to federal reports filed yesterday, the Obama campaign spent more money than they raised in the month of May. They spent more money than they raised? Well, that's called being a Democrat.

A House committee is now recommending that Attorney General Eric Holder be cited for contempt of Congress. Now, don't confuse that for what you and I have. That's contempt FOR Congress.


***"God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform;
he plants his footsteps in the sea, and rides upon the storm."
William Cowper 

***Have a great day!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Geez, Louise!

***Gonna be another fast and furious blog post - this has been one busy, stressful week! One of my typists is still out, and it seems that we are doubly busy right now, for some reason. I'm about to kill my other typist, bless her. I'm in the process of training another one.

***Executive privilege and the end of the Obama administration.

Calm down.  The end hasn’t come yet, not quite.  But you can feel it coming, a dull, oppressive presence like the heaviness of the air before a storm or the quickly widening fissures that consumed the House of Usher. Future historians, looking back on the wreck of the Obama administration, will mark with wonder the President’s darkly frivolous assertion of executive privilege this week. It was then, they will say, that his administration, that the President himself, officially entered the Period of Panic and Flailing.

The end can't come fast enough.

***Three myths about working from home. I like this!

***Parents of murdered border agent: White House is "hiding something." Ya think?

***Capitalism is good and good for you.


*** "History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid." -- Dwight D. Eisenhower, First Inaugural Address, Jan. 20, 1953

***Have a great day!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fast and Furious

***I'm referring to how I'm gonna have to blog this morning, but Obama's cover-up under the guise of executive privilege applies too. It's obvious to all but the most jaded Obama lemming that they have something to hide.

President Barack Obama has long tried to distance himself from the “Fast and Furious” scandal at the Justice Department, which stems from a program under which Mexican drug cartels were allowed to acquire U.S. firearms that were later used against U.S. law-enforcement personnel. By invoking executive privilege to stymie congressional investigation of the case, the president has placed himself squarely in the center of it.
President Obama, who had been a bitter critic of the Bush administration’s use of executive privilege, today through his representatives protested that he is only doing what the Bush administration did before him. The same man who once accused President Bush of “hiding behind executive privilege” is now hiding behind George W. Bush.

More here. What a pusillanimous weakling we have as our president. He makes me sick.

***Are our tax dollars being used to pay protesters to heckle Romney? Would that surprise you in the least?

***Have you noticed how all of a sudden Fast and Furious is getting coverage by the mainstream media? They didn't want anything to do with it before, but now that Obama has invoked executive privilege, they have to.

***Miami Heat is one game away from championship. Geez, does professional basketball EVER end??

***We may get the Supreme Court verdict on Obamacare today. Let's hope and pray they do the Constitutional thing.


*** "No man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent." ~~ Abraham Lincoln

***Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bat Nuts Crazy...

***I took on another account yesterday - it's official, I'm loony! As quickly as this business can change though, with the advent of EMR, I can't turn business down. I think I just lost my hour or two of relaxation in the evening watching a Netflix DVD.

***Elizabeth Warren reminds me a lot of Barack Obama - caught in a lie, but it's everyone else's fault.

***Good comeback - Romney to hecklers, "You really want four more years of this?"

***Florida teen survives spear through the head. Yikes.

***What are bath salts and why do they make people go crazy?

***This really comes as no surprise - NBC caught doctoring Romney tape. Tell me again why anyone watches the major networks?


***Democrat Senate votes down modest food stamp reforms. Oh, it's for the CHILDREN...!!

Under the Obama administration, spending on food stamps has skyrocketed, as an astonishing 46 million Americans, one-seventh of the population, are now on the program.
So Senator Jeff Sessions tried to introduce a minimal amount of fiscal discipline into the food stamp program by offering amendments that incorporated two basic reforms: 1) preventing states from waiving federal eligibility requirements for the program, and 2) eliminating the bonuses that the federal government now pays to states that deliberately swell the ranks of food stamp recipients. Given that the federal government pays 100% of the program’s cost, such bonuses create perverse incentives in the states, with predictable consequences. And at least 28 states have no limit whatsoever on the financial assets a household can have, and still qualify for food stamps.
One might think that a government running trillion-dollar-plus annual deficits would take common-sense reforms like those proposed by Senator Sessions to heart, but no: the Democrats voted them down. The prefer the irresponsible, free-spending status quo.

They do stuff like this, then claim that the Republicans have "no plan."

***Oh great - now the Fast and Furious investigation is "racist."

Did you honestly expect anything different?

Over one thousand guns are missing. People are dead. Attorney General Eric Holder knew about it, lied, then decided not to cooperate with the investigation. And what are people on the Left saying? Exactly what you would expect: the fast and furious investigation is racist.


While cleaning the attic, Joan and Harry found an old stub for some shoes they left at the repair shop 10 years ago. They thought it would be funny to go to the shop and see if the shoes were still there. So they did. They handed the stub to the repair man who took it and looked in the back. He came out again and said, "They'll be ready on Wednesday."

***"Some people are kind, polite, and sweet-spirited. Until you try to sit in their pews."

***It's amazing to me how they can build these...

***"Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love, to work, to play, and to look up at the stars." ~~ Henry Van Dyke

***Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So Much To Do...

***I couldn't even take the time to blog this morning. That's usually the first thing I do - drink my Click (protein drink) and blog, then I get busy with my work. I had too much that had to be done early today, though, so I've been hitting hard it since about 3:30 a.m. My back's feelin' it, too. No amount of Tylenol seems to be doing the job.

***MSNBC embarrasses itself again. The sad thing, they still call themselves journalists.

***The maddening details of Obama's unconstitutional DREAM executive order. He is out of control, and the Republicans better start screaming about this stuff and reining him in.

The maddening details of Obama’s DREAM Decree are becoming clearer. As this CIS report notes, 1) The decree doesn’t just apply to illegal immigrants who were “brought to this country by their parents.” It also would give work permits to those who snuck across the border by themselves as teenagers. “Through no fault of their own” is a talking point for DREAM proselytizers, not an actual legal requirement. 2) The same goes for the phrase “and know only this country as home.” That’s a highly imaginative riff on the decree’s actual requirement, which is for 5 years “continuous residence.”  It turns out “continuous residence” doesn’t mean what you think it means. “Immigration attorneys have been successful in getting immigration courts to whittle this down to a point where it is almost meaningless,” says CIS’s Jon Feere. As an illegal immigrant you can go back homeabroad for multiple 6-month stints during those five years–but, if precedent holds, in Janet Napolitano’s eyes you will still “know only this country as home.” …

***Cambridge, MA considers soda ban in restaurants. I kid you not. Obviously they've been talking to Mayor Doomberg.

Bill Maher on Monday called the GOP the “Party of the Apes” and ripped Republicans for not repudiating Rep. Allen West — who, the comedian suggested, should be taken to a mental hospital.
“[T]he idea that the blame for our government’s dysfunction is equally shared by the parties just is a giant, steaming mound of horsesh*t and anyone who has paid attention to politics over the last 20 years knows it. Or as I like to call it, ‘The Rise of the Party of the Apes,’” the host of HBO’s “Real Time” wrote on his blog.

Some people call that humor. 

***                                      Good Lord, Woman! Get a Towel!

The singer, who hails from Detroit, will join Lynyrd Skynyrd, Trace Adkins, Ronnie Dunn, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Robert Randolph, and Night Ranger and other rock and country music acts at the Tampa event, according to Politico.

Kid Rock backed Barack Obama in the 2008 election and this time has thrown his support behind fellow Michigan native Mitt Romney.

***                                         WHAT THE...??

***When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in its place.
C.S. Lewis 
***Have a great day!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hypocrisy Personified

***Jon Stewart mocks Romney's wealth, but he's richer than Romney. Oh, but he's a liberal. So it's okay. This is humor?

In January Stewart exploded on-air over Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s income level. “That’s almost — that’s almost $57,000 a day!” he gushed.
But Stewart’s own income level brings him and his wife Tracey approximately $41,000 a day. The celebrity income-handicapping website Celebrity Net Worth lists his annual salary as $15 million and estimates his net worth at $80 million.

Being a liberal apparently excuses you from, well, just about anything. There's Al Gore, Mr. Environment, and his mansions; Obama's golf trips and vacations which the media ignores, but was indignant about when Bush took them, albeit much FEWER of them; oh, I could go on and on.

Just to put this in perspective, Bush played 24 rounds in 8 years, and got all kinds of grief for it.

  •  Leadership and teamwork skills: Veterans typically have led colleagues, accepted direction from others and operated as part of a small team.
  • Character: Veterans are perceived as being trustworthy, dependable, drug-free and having a strong work ethic.
  • Structure and discipline: Companies appreciate veterans' experience in following established procedures.
  • Expertise: Companies value veterans' occupational skills, job-specific experiences and understanding of the military community.
  • Dynamic environment: Veterans are accustomed to performing and making decisions in dynamic, rapidly changing circumstances.
  • Effectiveness: Company representatives report that veterans "get it done."
  • Proven success: Some organizations hire veterans largely because other vets already in their organization have been successful.
  • Resiliency: Veterans are accustomed to working in difficult environments, traveling and relocating.
  • Loyalty. Veterans are committed to the organizations they work for, which can translate into longer tenure.
  •  Public relations value: Some companies have found that hiring vets has marketing benefits.

Follow the link for more.

***Concord Hymn, by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sung at the Completion of the Concord Monument, April 19th, 1836

By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April's breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard round the world.

The foe long since in silence slept;
Alike the conqueror silent sleeps;
And Time the ruined bridge has swept
Down the dark stream that seaward creeps.

On this green bank, by this soft stream,
We set today a votive stone;
That memory may their deed redeem,
When, like our sires, our sons are gone.

Spirit, that made those heroes dare
To die, and leave their children free,
Bid Time and Nature gently spare
The shaft we raise to them and thee.
***President Obama: Biggest government spender in world history. And they tried to make him out as a fiscal conservative. They certainly abandoned that tactic in a hurry, didn't they? Wonder why?


***Men, like nails, lose their usefulness when they lose direction and begin to bend.  ~Walter Savage Landor

***Have a great day!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

***If you still have your Dad, treasure him. I lost mine six years ago and really miss him.

What I remember most was how hard he worked. He got up every morning at 5:30 to go to work at the Post Office. Mom would always get up with him and fix him a big breakfast. We had a farm, so when he got home he didn't get to just sit down and relax, there was farm work to do. Weekends were the same. Of course, my brothers and sisters and I were expected to help out. I'll never forget pulling weeds by hand in the bean fields. How I hated that! My brothers would get up before school when I was very young and milk the cows. I was too young to do that when we had milk cows, but I remember them doing it. Dad was a good provider, and we never had to worry about him coming home drunk or not coming home at all, as some kids do. He wasn't perfect, but he was Dad and we loved him and we knew he loved us, even though he wasn't good at showing it. I always worried about his salvation and prayed for him fervently. It was never easy for me to talk to him about Jesus, he was skeptical and ridiculed Christianity. Once I wrote him a letter explaining the plan of salvation, because it was much easier for me to write it down than say it to him. When he was in the hospital, though, after his stroke, I felt such a sense of urgency I had to try one more time. Mom left to go to the cafe, and we were in his room alone. I can't even remember what I said, but this time he listened and I prayed with him. I held his hands and he prayed with me. He couldn't say anything, but I have a peace that he is in heaven now, and I'll see him again. RIP, Dad.

***You think unemployment is bad now? Wait until Obama unleashes a glut of 800,000 more immigrant workers. It's all about the votes, people. He doesn't care about YOU.

President Obama has just opened a floodgate of opportunity for young illegal immigrants in the United States, but could it squeeze the aspirations of legal Americans in the process? …
Under the new policy, as many as 1.4 million undocumented immigrants under age 30 will be able to apply for the amnesty, allowing them to work and attend college legally. To be eligible, they must have been in the United States for five years, have no criminal record, and attend high school or college or be a military veteran.
The policy does not provide permanent legal residency, but it protects those who qualify from being deported and gives them a chance to renew their new status every two years. It also does not grant any public benefits, such as Medicare and Medicaid. Federal law already grants all undocumented immigrants the right to a public-school education and emergency hospital care.
The new policy could entail additional costs for administration and enforcement, however, and put pressure on state systems of higher education to meet growing demand for slots.

***Mr. Mom era: Stay-at-home dads doubled over the last decade.  Call me old-fashioned, but that ain't the way it's supposed to be, in my opinion.

***How to be more creative. Well, I certainly need to read this. I don't have a creative bone in my body. Come to think of it, though, I don't know about this article. Here's one of the statements

Accept failure. Enjoy it, even. Embrace the suck, for the suck is part of the process.

Hmmmm...."Embrace the suck." Deep. :-)

***Joe "The Idiot" Biden says the "great" cities are in China, not America. Fine. Move there. Please. 

***This is awesome! It's a not-Photoshopped picture of Earth taken from a Russian weather satellite.

***Odd interspecies adoptions:

***Obama again tries to shift jobs blame to Congress. Does this man ever take responsibility for anything?

***Former AG Gonzales tells Obama, "Stop blaming Bush." Yeah, like that's gonna happen. He's a petulant child, and that's what they do.

President Barack Obama needs to stop blaming his predecessor for the nation’s ills, former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales tells Newsmax.TV.

“I think this is his economy. I really do. I think this is his ‘War on Terror.’ Yes, I do believe that it’s well past time,” Gonzales, who served GOP President George W. Bush from 2005 to 2007, said in an excluive interview at the Faith and Freedom conference in Washington, D.C.

“To use his own words, President Obama said, ‘If I don’t have this economy turned around at the end of three years, then I don’t deserve a second term.’

“So, from that perspective, I would just ask the voters to listen to the president’s own words,” Gonzales said.


***My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard.  Mother would come out and say, "You're tearing up the grass."  "We're not raising grass," Dad would reply.  "We're raising boys."  ~Harmon Killebrew

A father carries pictures where his money used to be.  ~Author Unknown

The greatest gift I ever had
Came from God; I call him Dad!
~Author Unknown

There's one sad truth in life I've found
While journeying east and west -
The only folks we really wound
Are those we love the best.
We flatter those we scarcely know,
We please the fleeting guest,
And deal full many a thoughtless blow
To those who love us best.
~Ella Wheeler Wilcox

***Have a great day, and give your dad a hug!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pity Party

***The President's pity party.

Obama’s overly long, repetitive, and by turns self-pitying and self-congratulatory address was so soaked through with nostalgia that MSNBC should have broadcast it in sepia tones. The speech—which even the liberal Obama biographer Jonathan Alter called one of the president’s “least successful” political communications—revealed an incumbent desperately trying to replay the 2008 election. But no oratory will make up for a flawed record and a vague, fissiparous, and unappealing agenda.

***Love this!

It says:"Hi friend. I just wanted to let you know that some knucklehead vandalized your car by slapping an Obama sticker on it. The last thing you want is to be driving around all day looking like an idiot. Take Care, A Good Samaritan."

***MSNBCCCP splices exploding buses into Romney bus tour footage. Of course, there are the obvious observations. Imagine the outrage if Fox News spliced exploding buses into footage about an Obama bus tour. And...wasn't MSNBC in the forefront of the "let's keep politics civil" meme when Gabrielle Giffords was shot? Why, I believe they were...

***Nik Wallenda becomes the first person to walk a tightrope across Niagra Falls. Whoa.

***Unbelievable. The president again acts outside the Constitution and bypasses Congress and the American people to change immigration law. Why? For votes, of course!

President Obama said Friday the United States will stop deporting hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants and give them work permits, a move praised fellow Democrats but criticized by Republicans on Capitol Hill who said the administration has side-stepped the country’s legislative process.

We have GOT to throw his sorry butt out of office in November.

  • Family comes first.
  • Cultivate a committed marriage.
  • A high moral standard is the greatest inheritance you can leave your children.
  • Show your kids how much you love them.
  • Display servant leadership.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Know your need for your heavenly Father.
  • Find support in good role models.
  • Never quit on your family.
  • Support your family in every area: not just financially but also emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I miss my Dad. It's hard to believe he's been gone for six years now.


***The Panderer-in-Chief. First he unlawfully grants amnesty to illegal immigrants (see above), now he's telling gays, "You've got a friend." All of a sudden, in an election year. Coincidence, of course!

Here are the ones I need to pay the most attention to:

4. Give up your self-defeating self-talk. Oh my. How many people are hurting themselves because of their negative, polluted and repetitive self-defeating mindset? Don’t believe everything that your mind is telling you – especially if it’s negative and self-defeating. You are better than that.
“The mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. Used wrongly, however, it becomes very destructive.” Eckhart Tolle
 12. Give up your excuses. Send them packing and tell them they’re fired. You no longer need them. A lot of times we limit ourselves because of the many excuses we use. Instead of growing and working on improving ourselves and our lives, we get stuck, lying to ourselves, using all kind of excuses – excuses that 99.9% of the time are not even real.

 Well, you got the last part of that right.


***                                     NOOO! I asked for a latte!

***"Go placidly amid the noise and haste, And remember what peace there may be in silence."
Max Ehrmann, Desiderata

***Have a great day!