Thursday, May 3, 2012

True the Vote

***Honestly, the name of this group sounds like the title of a rap song. In actuality, it's a grass roots movement to stop vote fraud.

Catherine Englebrecht, the Houston businesswoman and mother who founded True the Vote in 2009 after witnessing an ACORN-style group registering thousands of illegal or nonexistent voters in Houston, told the voter observers from 32 states gathered for the summit: “There is nothing more important this year than your work in making sure legitimate votes aren’t canceled out by fraud.”
Liberal groups ranging from the ACLU to the NAACP oppose voter-ID laws, claiming that voter fraud is almost nonexistent and that an ID requirement would amount to voter suppression. It’s certainly true that in-person voter fraud — the type of fraud most easily fought with voter-ID laws — isn’t the whole picture. Voter-ID laws must be combined with tighter controls on absentee ballots, the tool of choice of fraudsters. But filmmaker James O’Keefe demonstrated just last month how easy — and almost impossible to detect — voter impersonation can be: A white 22-year-old assistant of O’Keefe’s was offered the Washington, D.C., primary ballot of Attorney General Eric Holder, the most visible opponent of ID laws.

This needs to be widespread, because vote fraud sure is.

***If you can't beat 'em, shut 'em down: Liberal group targets Fox FCC licenses. 

***Dan Savage's web site celebrates Occupy vandalism. This is the jerk who founded "It Gets Better," an anti-bullying campaign, but he's nothing but a thug himself.

Dan Savage may have apologized for calling Christian students “pansy-assed” for walking out on his anti-religious diatribe, that that’s not stopping his newspaper from pushing property destruction. Savage is editorial director of The Stranger, an alternative website; today, The Stranger ran a column subtly titled, “Why All the Smashy-Smashy? A Beginner’s Guide to Targeted Property Destruction.”

***Chuck Colson's 50 Films Every Christian Should See.

***Occupy May Day Fail. And of course, CNN tried to portray them as Tea Partiers, even though they're self described Occupiers.

***This is weird! Lost parakeet returned home after it tells the police its address.

***Fun with Food:

short funny poems
You can exercise your heart and lungs by laughing!If you hate exercising, try laughing - you get the same benefits from laughing 100 time a day as you get from rowing a boat for 10 minutes!
Did you know you use more muscles to frown than to smile?
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Laughter helps you fight disease by lowering cortisol levels in your body!
Laughing puts you and others in a good mood! You can't stay mad when you're laughing!
Laughing for 15 seconds adds two days to your life (well we're not sure about that one, but if it's true, let's keep laughing)!

***Christie backs Walker. Unbelievable that there's even a contest here, since his policies are working so well. Union money, folks. We gotta get behind him and do whatever we can to ensure his victory.

***It's impossible to blame the Republicans for the dismal economy, they haven't had the power to enact Republican ideas since 2007. The Democrats have controlled at least 2/3 of the government since then, and it's the Republicans' fault?

***Pelosi lies about lying. There's a shock for ya.


***The guy who takes a chance, who walks the line between the known and unknown, who is unafraid of failure, will succeed. ~~ Gordon Parks

***Have a great day!

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