Saturday, May 19, 2012

Says It All!

***Good comparison here:

***Occupiers think they're protesting at Rush Limbaugh's office - but they're off by about 1000 miles. In more ways than one. Idiots.

***New evidence is consistent with George Zimmerman's self defense claim. Wonder why you're not hearing more in the press about this? This is why. The more evidence that is uncovered, the more the exploitation and outright falsehoods of the press and the race-baiting Left is apparent.

They don't want the truth, they want agitation and race wars. Sad, but true.

A medical report by George Zimmerman’s doctor has disclosed that Zimmerman had a fractured nose, two black eyes, two lacerations on the back of his head and a back injury on the day after the fatal shooting.  Moreover, the New York Times has reported that traces of marijuana were found in Trayvon Martin’s body and that Martin’s father initially said that the voice crying for help was not that of his son.  It is also been reported that a bruise was found on Martin’s ring finger that would be consistent with Martin having punched Zimmerman.  No other wounds, aside of course from the fatal bullet hole in the front of Martin’s body, were found.
If this evidence turns out to be valid, the prosecutor will have no choice but to drop the second-degree murder charge against Zimmerman — if she wants to act ethically, lawfully and professionally.
There is, of course, no assurance that the special prosecutor handling the case, State Attorney Angela Corey, will do the right thing. Because until now, her actions have been anything but ethical, lawful and professional.

And where is our Dear Leader in all of this? After his inane "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin" comment, he has been silent. After all, what's in it for him?

***Father of 30 kids by 11 women can't pay child support. Duh. What a loser. Who does he want to help pay for his irresponsibility? Why, the taxpayers, of course. I'll bet he gets it, too.

***Atlas is starting to shrug. This is interesting.

                                 GOOD LORD, WOMAN! GET A TOWEL!

***Obama's numbers game: How they fudge the unemployment numbers to make them look better than they are. No surprise here.

***Jackie Chan goes out fighting. "Chinese Zodiac" is going to be his last action movie, he says. He's 58 and it's starting to hurt. No wonder, have you ever seen his movies? Sheesh. I've only seen a couple, but I absolutely love Shanghai Noon.

***28 crazy facts you didn't know about Facebook.

Zuckerberg's a Glee fan? Sheesh.

***New French president wastes no time in bowing to Islam. I can't believe the French electorate has done this to themselves. They are going to rue the day they elected this guy.

New French president wastes no time in bowing down to Islam – BANS PORK from Presidential Elysee Palace
And you thought Sarkozy was an Islamopanderer. Not even in office for a week and Francois Hollande has banned all dishes containing pork products from all government offices, in deference to France’s demanding and perpetually offended Muslim population. How long before he unbans street prayers and burqas?


***Here's to the Heroes. Wonderful video here.

Lyrics to "Here's to the Heroes"

Here's to the heroes,
Those few who dare,
Heading for glory,
Living a prayer.
Here's to the heroes
Who change our lives.
Thanks to the heroes,
Freedom survives.
Here's to the heroes
Who never rest.
They are the chosen,
We are the blessed.
Here's to the heroes
Who aim so high.
Here's to the heroes
Who do or die.
Here's to the heroes
Who aim so high.
Here's to the heroes
Who do or die.
Here's to the heroes
Who do or die.

"The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; But, he that stands by it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman." -- Thomas Paine 1776


Don't let the fear of the time it will take to
accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it.
The time will pass anyway; we might just as
well put that passing time to the best possible use.

 Earl Nightingale

***Have a great day!

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