Monday, May 21, 2012

The Press Does its Best help Obama, that is. Case in point, this laughable headline:

"Is GOP trying to sabotage economy to hurt Obama?"

Of course, there is no evidence in the article, none, to support the headline. Big deal. Their aim is the all too common headline-believer. They just want to put this idea into the heads of the uninformed, and their job is done. I know far too many people who will read that one line and believe it. That's the press's aim, don't doubt it.

***Robin Gibb, R.I.P. Who can forget the disco era and that falsetto voice?

***From the "News You Can't Live Without" dept: How to iron your shirts without an iron.
I use the throw it back into the dryer with a damp towel method, myself.

***The Smug Beach Diet. Oh, this one is gonna upset some people. You gotta admit, many vegetarians/vegans ARE jerks. But, of course, many aren't.

The biggest problem with vegetarians, and their most Puritan variation—Vegans—is not so much their holier-than-thou attitude (after all, most enthusiasts, from fitness freaks to fundamentalists, have the same attitude), but the barely concealed will to power to impose veganism on the rest of us.  It is another form of the totalitarian temptation.
Social science is catching up with this perception.  A new study in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science finds that organic food eaters are . . . jerks.  From the abstract:
After viewing a few organic foods, comfort foods, or control foods, participants who were exposed to organic foods volunteered significantly less time to help a needy stranger, and they judged moral transgressions significantly harsher than those who viewed nonorganic foods. These results suggest that exposure to organic foods may lead people to affirm their moral identities, which attenuates their desire to be altruistic.

Good reason to go thaw out some steaks, eh?

***Obama pursues higher tax rates. He's relentlessly socialistic, don't ever forget that. Great piece by Michael Barone.

***                                 REDNECK KEYHOLDER

***Did you see the "Ring of Fire" last night? I missed it.

***N.C. teacher tells student he could be arrested for talking badly about Obama. This is how liberals act when they lose an argument. This is a *teacher*.

Last Monday, a high school student in North Carolina engaged his social studies teacher in a heated debate about politics and the two leading presidential candidates. During the exchange, the teacher (an obvious Obama supporter) got very angry with the student and accused him of disrespecting the president. She even went so far as to tell the boy that he could be jailed for speaking ill of Obama.

Read the whole thing. What a buffoon.


***If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.  ~Frank A. Clark

***Have a great day!

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