Monday, May 7, 2012

One Foot in the Grave

***France elects a Socialist. Here are some of his ideas:

Francois Hollande defeated French President Nicolas Sarkozy as voters handed control of the second-biggest European economy to the Socialists for the first time in 17 years.
Socialist Hollande’s simple solutions include:

=Taxes *Impose a tax on financial transactions. *Impose a 75 percent income tax on earnings above 1 million euros ($1.32 million) and raise the rate to 45 percent for the income bracket between 150,000 euros and 1 million euros per year. *Repeal 29 billion euros of tax breaks over the next five years. *Increase total tax level to 46.9 percent in 2017 from 45.1 percent in 2012 (payroll and profit). *Increase tax on biggest companies to 35 percent. *Scrap Sarkozy’s 1.2 percent VAT increase.
-Public spending: *Raise state spending by 20 billion euros over five years. *Allow those who have worked more than the legal minimum of 41.5 years to retire from the age of 60. *Limit pay of executives at state-owned companies to 20 times the lowest wage. *Hire 60,000 teachers and school employees and 5,000 police officers over next five years. *Hire 150,000 youths in state-subsidized jobs over the next five years. *Cut French president’s and Cabinet ministers’ pay by 30 percent.
Slow growth, high unemployment and staggering deficits and debts are a tumor on the economy. And France decided to take up smoking heavily as a cure to a lung tumor.

Any of that ring a bell? This is what the Socialists/Democrats do. Keep trying what has already been proven not to work.

Francois Hollande, new French president:

The 57-year-old Socialist has openly admitted that he "does not like the rich" and declared that "my real enemy is the world of finance". This means taxing the wealthy by up to 75 per cent, curtailing the activities of Paris as a centre for financial dealing, and ploughing millions into creating more civil service jobs.

Hello, Greece.

***Why colleges don't teach the Federalist Papers. Easy. Liberals don't WANT students to understand the Constitution.

It would be difficult to overstate the significance of The Federalist for understanding the principles of American government and the challenges that liberal democracies confront early in the second decade of the 21st century. Yet despite the lip service they pay to liberal education, our leading universities can't be bothered to require students to study The Federalist—or, worse, they oppose such requirements on moral, political or pedagogical grounds. Small wonder it took so long for progressives to realize that arguments about the constitutionality of ObamaCare are indeed serious.

***George Lindsey, RIP. I loved "The Andy Griffith Show." You don't find shows with values and comedy like that any more. 

"A football coach, holding a football, asks his quarterback, `Son, can you pass this?' The player says, `Coach, I don't even think I can swallow it."'

***Dubious donations. Wow, wouldn't it be nice if the mainstream media took an interest?

We have been following the Obama campaign’s invitation of fraudulent and illegal giving through the disabling of basic credit card/debit card verification devices. We have done so in the hope that it might arouse the interest of the mainstream media sufficiently to cause them to ask a few question of the powers-that-be in the Obama campaign.
It’s a rerun of a story that originated in 2008. Love may be lovelier the second time around, but not fraud. The best that can be said is that it’s more audacious than hope. When Obama can count on his allies in the mainstream media to avert their eyes, however, it’s not even that audacious.

***Love this headline: MSM on Fast and Furious: Slow and Spurious.

You can say that again. Imagine if this had happened on a Republican's watch. 


***U.S. troops still saving lives, even after their deaths.

Since 2006, the organs of US troops have saved around 140 people in Europe, USA Today reports.
The families of servicemembers who were killed in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan agreed to donate their loved ones’ hearts, kidneys, lungs, livers and pancreases to patients in Europe.

***One of the ladies in my church sent this to me, great story! This is by Thomas Kinkade:

One  rainy afternoon I was driving along one of the  main streets  of  town, taking those extra precautions necessary  when the roads are wet and slick. Suddenly, my  daughter, Aspen,  spoke up from her relaxed position in her seat.  "Dad, I'm thinking of something." 

This  announcement usually meant she had been  pondering some
  fact  for a while, and was now ready to expound all  that her six-year-old mind had discovered. I was  eager to hear.

"What  are you thinking?" I asked. "The  rain," she began, "is like sin, and the  windshield wipers are like God wiping our sins  away."

After  the chill bumps raced up my arms I was able to  respond. "That's really good, Aspen." 
Then  my curiosity broke in. How far would this little  girl take this revelation? So I asked.. "Do you  notice how the rain keeps on coming? What does  that tell you?" Aspen  didn't hesitate one moment with her answer: "We  keep on sinning, and God just keeps on forgiving  us."

***The RNC will be selling these, and I'll certainly be ordering one:
***"As government grows, its increased power to grant favors or inflict pain attracts more people who would abuse the system." -- John Fund 
***Have a great day!

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