Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Got it Back!

***Got my computer back yesterday.  Amazing how much you miss them when they're gone! My laptop's okay, but it doesn't have everything I need on it. Gonna be a real catch-up day today. Got the area around where it sits cleaned (yuk!) and the cords organized. I don't know how they get so tangled, it's not like I get under there and mess with them. Definitely a gremlin in here.

***Can we blame stuff like this on the race-baiting media, politicians, and pseudo-reverends like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? I think it's fair to say that we can.

***Check out the Mushroom House:

No, it's not an abandoned home. They did this on purpose! They're going to list it for $349,000! It's in Cincinnati if you're interested.

***Even Afghanistan is a campaign stop for Obama.

Tuesday, President Obama made a surprise trip to Afghanistan in order to sign a Strategic Partnership Agreement with President Hamid Karzai. He will address the nation this evening.
Underneath this dramatic diplomatic show, however, it is not difficult to see that the president's trip is just another campaign stop for President Obama, one in which he will politicize the one-year anniversary of Usama bin Laden’s death and take credit for what was no doubt a team effort that began long before he took office.
Furthermore, in a new low for political campaign commercials, a business with virtually no standards to begin with, Obama’s latest paid political ad shows him discussing his decision to attack bin Laden’s compound and of course claiming full credit for the successful raid. -- Never mind the years of intelligence work and the thousands of man hours expended by countless dedicated professionals to track and isolate bin Laden. Never mind the bravery of the SEAL team that actually carried out the mission.

***Washington Post rebuts Obama's malicious lie. Oh, there are so many to choose from...


***Barack Obama's campaign slogan "Forward" was a Hitler marching tune. No surprise there.

***SEALs are calling Obama ad a "cheap shot." Get used to it, there's gonna be a lot of that.

Current and former US Navy SEALs have joined the attacks on President Barack Obama for attempting to take credit for killing Osama bin Laden and using them and Special Forces members as 'ammunition' for his campaign.

Author and former SEAL Brandon Webb told Newsmax that Obama's White House predecessor, George W. Bush, deserves much of the praise for taking out the world's most wanted man.

And other SEALs bashed the president to Britain's MailOnline after Obama released a campaign ad called "One Chance," to coincide with this week’s first anniversary of the raid that killed the al-Qaida figurehead.

The ad features former President Bill Clinton praising Obama's decision to order bin Laden killed, and suggests that his Republican rival Mitt Romney might not have made the same call. It has already been criticized by all sides, with even Arianna Huffington, founder of the liberal Huffington Post, calling it “despicable.”

When you disgust Arianna Huffington, you've really accomplished something.


***That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful.  ~Ninon de L'Enclos
***Have a great day!

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