Friday, May 4, 2012

Black & White

***Here's the difference between our federally ran Social Security system, and the private retirement system they use in Australia:

Any questions?

***Boy, am I glad it's Friday! It has been a hectic, stressful week. Today will be stressful too as I got behind while getting the new transcription system going, and I haven't been able to catch up yet because of the time spent on the phone working out the bugs. I'll have to work a lot this weekend, but I won't have to deal with calls for stat reports, etc. Maybe I can breathe a bit!

***Alec Baldwin: Another Hollywood idiot. One of the biggest, actually. Here's an excerpt from a recent interview:

GQ: Yesterday you were speaking about how Mitt Romney is out of touch with the American people. If getting pizza with firemen isn't the right way to remedy that, what's a more appropriate food to show that you're down with regular people?
Alec Baldwin
: I think right now, and I know this is a very glib thing to say, but I think right now it would be to take a book full of food stamps and go buy whatever meals you can with a food stamp provision on a weekly basis. Because although welfare has been cut, as we all know from a lot of reportage over the last several months that food stamp use has soared. I think the most American thing you can do today is go stand in line and see what your weekly allotment of food stamps will buy you.

Inside the mind of a liberal is a scary place.

***Issa sends out contempt order against Holder. Go for it, man. They don't come any more contemptible than Eric Holder.


***Outrage grows over Obama's Chinese dissident debacle. Have you been keeping up with this? I have to admit, I haven't been paying as much attention as I should have been. Apparently Obama has proven himself the opposite of a leader once again.

***Wish I had come up with the Facebook idea - Mark Zuckerberg one of the world's richest men.

Last week, I traveled to Palo Duro Canyon State Park, just outside of Armarillo, Texas to ride in a 100 kilometer mountain bike ride with former President George W. Bush and 20 severely wounded veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns.
When he was in the White House the former president wasn't treated fairly by the news media. But up close and personal, I found the former president’s likability to be through the roof.
Mano a mano, he was relaxed, witty and wise. After the first day’s ride, for example, he urged the other bikers on by joking, “I’m on Medicare, and you’re on one leg, so let’s get to bed after dinner and get some sleep.”
But most importantly, it was clear that the former president cares deeply about the vets who had been severely wounded in the wars he had started as commander in chief.
Bush feels personally responsible for these men and women, and he is very comfortable as one of them.

I would love to meet President Bush and shake his hand. He's a good man.


***Get involved!


A narrow Fellow in the Grass

By Emily Dickinson
A narrow Fellow in the Grass
Occasionally rides –
You may have met Him - Did you not
His notice sudden is –

The Grass divides as with a Comb –
A spotted Shaft is seen,
And then it closes at your Feet
And opens further on –

He likes a Boggy Acre   
A Floor too cool for Corn –
But when a Boy, and Barefoot
I more than once at Noon
Have passed, I thought, a Whip lash
Unbraiding in the Sun
When stooping to secure it
It wrinkled, and was gone –

Several of Nature’s People
I know and they know me –
I feel for them a transport
Of Cordiality –

But never met this Fellow
Attended or alone
Without a tighter Breathing
And Zero at the Bone.
***Have a great day!


  1. There's a pic of GWB "avec moi" from 2000 on my Facebook gallery.