Tuesday, April 3, 2012


***Obama's press conference yesterday was disgraceful. He lied and tried to manipulate the Supreme Court of the United States.  From The New York Sun via Instapundit:

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard a presidential demarche as outrageous as President Obama’s warning to the Supreme Court not to overturn Obamacare. The president made the remarks at a press conference with the leaders of Mexico and Canada. It was an attack on the court’s standing and even its integrity in a backhanded way that is typically Obamanian. For starters the president expressed confidence that the Court would “not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.” . . .
It is outrageous enough that the president’s protest was inaccurate. What in the world is he talking about when he asserts the law was passed by “a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress”? The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act barely squeaked through the Congress. In the Senate it escaped a filibuster by but a hair. The vote was so tight in the house — 219 to 212 — that the leadership went through byzantine maneuvers to get the measure to the president’s desk. No Republicans voted for it when it came up in the House, and the drive to repeal the measure began the day after Mr. Obama signed the measure.
It is the aspersions the President cast on the Supreme Court, though, that take the cake. We speak of the libel about the court being an “unelected group of people” who might “somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law.” This libel was dealt with more than two centuries ago in the newspaper column known as 78 Federalist and written by Alexander Hamilton.

Speaking of an "unelected group of people," how many Czars does Obama have now?

***Trayvon Martin - is everything you think you know just media BS?

***Culture of Corruption: Obama campaign disables credit card verification. Why? So they can accept foreign credit card contributions in violation of federal law.

This video is a follow-up to Adrian Murray’s facebook post over the weekend, in which he says that he donated to the Obama campaign as “Adolph Hitler,” occupation “Dictator” living at a German address. As you can see in the clip, citizen journalist George Scaggs of Austin tries the same thing at three different campaign sites, that of Obama, Romney and Santorum. Only the Obama site accepted the donation without the verification number.

***                                              LUNCHTIME!!

***This is sad: Rasmussen reports Wisconsin voters are supporting Walker recall. This is due to media spin, certainly not actual facts and results. The reality is that Wisconsin's economy is in much better shape since he took office, but the facts don't matter to the Left and the unions. Hopefully the people there will wake up. True, this poll included only 500 likely voters, but Rasmussen is the most accurate poll out there. Hopefully he can turn this around...IF he can get the truth out there. That's a big problem considering the liberal media he has to deal with.

***Speaking of the sucky journalism in America: Obama & Mexican president Felipe Calderon held a press conference, and nobody said a word about Fast and Furious. 

President Barack Obama just wrapped up a joint press conference with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Candadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The three world leaders discussed a number of topics including trade and energy, but what did they fail to discuss? Operation Fast and Furious. Although the topic of gun trafficking was discussed at length by both Calderon and Obama, reporters never asked about Fast and Furious specifically and the two leaders weren't going to go out of their way to bring it up.

Calderon, as a expected, blamed Mexico’s cartel violence not on the cartels themselves, but on the large “flow” of guns from the United States into Mexico. Calderon reiterated his view the United States should re-instate the ban on “assault,” or semi-automatic weapons. It seems that President Calderon, who is always harping about the “flow” of guns from the United States into Mexico, would have expressed outrage that President Obama’s Justice Department had deliberately placed 2500 guns into the hands of ruthless cartels during Operation Fast and Furious. Instead, Calderon chose to blame the Second Amendment for his country’s out of control violence. Calderon also failed to mention the reason why his people are being slaughtered is because they don’t have the ability to legally own guns and fight back against the cartels. Mexico's strict gun laws have left its innocent people as sitting ducks.

Absolutely sickening. What about the free flow of illegal aliens and drugs from Mexico to America? Guess they forgot about that, too.


***Obama buddy Bill Ayers dreams of "ending capitalism." What a coincidence, so does Obama.

William Ayers, in a pep talk to an Occupy Wall Street gaggle, said he wakes up every morning thinking about how he's going to end capitalism -- though he acknowledged he goes to bed "every night disappointed." 
The co-founder of the radical, Vietnam-era Weather Underground was videotaped chatting up what was identified as an Occupy Union Square group this past week in New York City.

Stupid jerk should be behind bars.

***NBC News doctored the tape of the 911 call George Zimmerman made in order to mislead people to think he's racist.  He should sue them.

***A look inside all the hysteria you're seeing right now saying that Obama is winning among women. Take a step back and a deep breath, Republicans.
There's more than meets the eye. This is cover for Barack Obama, and it's a bunch of hooey.


People who make a difference in life have . . . .

Initiative - being a self-starter with contagious energy

Vision - seeing beyond the obvious, claiming new objectives

Unselfishness - releasing the controls and the glory

Teamwork - involving, encouraging, and supporting others

Faithfulness - hanging in there in season and out

Enthusiasm - providing affirmation, excitement to the task

Discipline - modelling great character regardless of the odds

Confidence - representing security, faith, and determination

Charles R. Swindoll

***Check this out!

***Have a great day!

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