Friday, March 9, 2012


***Remember all those Sleep Number bed spots Limbaugh would do on his show? They're one of the outfits that bailed on him during the silly controversy over his Sandra Fluke comments last week. Well, they've seen the error of their ways (it's probably costing them a lot of business) and they want Rush to take them back. I think it's great that he's telling them "no." Hey, they made their bed...(ar ar ar).

***Obama and the Democrats are doing everything they can to kill the Keystone Pipeline. Don't listen to a word they say about wanting to create jobs and/or energy independence. What they're doing here proves they're lying through their teeth, as usual. Obama says it's "wrong" to politicize the issue, then he lobbies Democrat Senators to vote against it? What a schmuck.

They succeeded.  Obama and the Democrats now own the gas prices. Hold them accountable.

***Government records highest ever monthly deficit. And the mainstream media yawns.

The U.S. government just notched its highest ever monthly deficit, with the red rink running to an estimated $229 billion in February. 
The Congressional Budget Office, in a preliminary analysis, reported that the February 2012 deficit broke last year's monthly record of $223 billion.

***1 in 4 high schoolers smoke regularly? How on earth do they afford it?

***I have a Keurig coffee machine and I love it! Looks like Starbucks is going to be coming out with a similar machine soon.


***Gallup: Half of all Americans call Obama's presidency a "failure." That's gotta hurt. My question is...only half?


Tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it.  ~L.M. Montgomery
***Have a great day!

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