Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Occupy's Ragged Return

***Nothing like trying again what didn't work too well before...

One of the brilliant 1% got into a little trouble for tweeting this:

“We won’t make a difference if we don’t kill a cop or 2,” the message read.

Oh, but he claims he was taken out of context. He was talking about foreign police, of course. Well, obviously. Here's some good advice from Tina Korbe:

Occupiers, I know it might not seem like it to you right now, but you can still be relevant in the future. Here’s how: Own up to the idiocy, apply for a job and aim to get rich yourselves. Ever seen the movie Trading Places? The best way to stick it to the 1 percent is to beat them at their own game. If you’re not willing to put in the hours, prioritize business over pleasure, take calculated risks for the sake of reward, that’s OK, too. Most people aren’t: That’s why they’re the 99 percent.

***The disappearing story about Malia Obama's spring break.

This is very curious. Stories about first daughter Malia Obama’s spring break trip to Mexico with 25 Secret Service detailed to protect her and her friends keep returning 404 errors or redirects.

 My goodness, surely the White House wouldn't be trying to scrub the internet of another story of their excess at taxpayers' expense? Naaaa....

***I have mixed feelings about Peyton Manning going to the Broncos. I hate to see him leave Indianapolis, of course. However, I also hate to see the Broncos let Tim Tebow go. I guess that's football.

***Author: Chris Rock a "coward." Most liberals are.

***Hill Poll results grim for Obama.

Will President Obama’s energy policies increase or decrease the price of gasoline?
Increase: 58%
Decrease: 20%
Not sure: 22%
Will federal debt increase or decrease as a result of Obama’s fiscal policies?
Increase: 62%
Decrease: 25%
Not sure: 13%
Will unemployment increase or decrease as a result of Obama’s economic policies?
Increase: 48%
Decrease: 38%
Not sure: 14%

***Did Bill Ayers' parents put "foreign student" Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, through school? Their former letter carrier says they did. Interesting.


***When women do brave things.

On Saturday, thirty-nine young women, each one representing a year of legalized abortion nationwide since 1973, began a walk of 250 miles in southern Texas. Over the course of the next 19 days they’ll cover the distance between the nation’s largest abortion center in Houston to the courthouse in Dallas where the case of Roe v. Wade was first heard.

***Let Go and Let God. Very inspiring story. Follow the link and read it!


***Savage: Founders envisioned a "petty dictator" like Obama.

Amid a three-pronged attack on the U.S. Constitution by Democrats, talk-radio host Michael Savage reminded his listeners that America’s Founding Fathers built into the nation’s founding document checks and balances that anticipated the rise of a dictator who would try to seize power.
Barack Obama is the type of “petty dictator” the Founders envisioned, Savage told his national audience tonight.
I have a friend who always seemed to lean slightly to the left all the

It used to bother me, so I suggested he see a doctor and have his legs
checked out. For years, he refused and told me I was crazy.

But last week, he finally went, and sure enough, the doctor discovered
his left leg was 1/4 inch shorter than his right.

A quick bit of orthopedic surgery later, he was cured. Both legs are
exactly the same length now, and he no longer leans.

"So," I said, "you didn't believe me when I told you a doctor could fix
your leg."

He just looked at me and said, "I stand corrected."

***So often time it happens, we all live our life in chains, and we never even know we have the key.  ~The Eagles, "Already Gone"

***Have a great day!

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