Sunday, March 11, 2012

Daylight Savings Time!

***Did y'all reset your clocks? I admit, I almost forgot last night. Don't forget to spring forward!

***Safe to say the Left's plan has backfired!

... I want to try something here. It's very delicate, but I'm going to give it a shot, and it's aimed at those of you who are lacking confidence over the possibility of beating Obama. We just heard from Victor in Atlanta, and despite what is real, Victor is convinced... Well, he's not convinced, but he's very frightened that the enthusiasm to dump Obama is fading on our side. Now, there's been an event that happen last weekend, and it's had legs, and it's gone on throughout this entire week. It was an event which ended up being directed out of the White House when it was all said and done. And it's safe to say that this event has backfired on them.
Everything they hoped to accomplish this week, they've not accomplished. They might have 25 years ago, but they haven't. They, on the left, are now being forced by an army of people on the right to comport themselves to the same standards that they are demanding of others, and that's going to put a real crimp in their style. Remember, when I apologized I said one aspect of what I had done wrong was I descended to their level. And I meant to emphasize that. I descended to their level. That's what was, among other things, wrong about it. But it was a one-time thing for me. They live there. Now they've been called on it.

Kinda fun to watch, actually.

***Had lunch with some great friends at Galo's yesterday. They only live an hour or so away. Life is way too busy when it's months and months before you get together with people who are close to you, especially when they don't live that far away.  We're certainly going to try harder to do that more often. If you have some friends you haven't seen in a while, call them and meet them for dinner!

***Still a race: Santorum wins Kansas, but Romney wins Wyoming and very small caucuses such as Guam.

***Teens arrested for stealing Girl Scout cookie money. Talk about the definition of "losers."

***Study: Coffee drinking not linked to chronic illness. I'm certainly glad to hear THAT.

***Coolest garbage can ever!

***Soledad O'Brien's flameout, and CNN's effort to shore up what's left of her credibilty. This is hilarious. Their hip-pocket coverage of Barack O'Brien, I mean Obama, is flying right back in their hypocritical faces. Objective journalism has been dead for a long time at CNN, but now it's really starting to smell.

***     You do realize that as soon as the joke is over, I'm going to eat you...


***Have a great day!

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