Monday, December 13, 2010


***Love it! It's so pretty outside. Puts me even more in the Christmas spirit! Here's what two feet of snow looks like...


Facts and Trivia About Snow

  • Every snowflake has its own unique shape and is different than all other snowflakes.
  • All snowflakes have six sides.
  • Snowflakes aren’t always white. Years ago, when coal was used in factories and homes, snow was often grey because the coal dust entered the air and was absorbed by the clouds.
  • The largest snowflakes ever recorded fell in the state of Montana in the United States of America. The snowflakes were 15 inches in diameter.
  • The snow capital of the United States is Stampede Pass in Washington State. Each year, the average snowfall is 430 inches.
  • The average snowflake falls at a speed of 3.1 miles per hour. [5kph]
  • It is a blizzard when you can’t see for ¼ mile; the winds are always 35 miles an hour or more, and the storm must last at least 3 hours to be classed as a blizzard. If any of these conditions are less, it is only a snowstorm. Niagara falls freeze 1911
  • Billions of snowflakes fall during one short snowstorm.
  • Did you know that snowflakes are made up of ice crystals. This is a close up photograph of a snowflake forming out of ice crystals and was taken by JJ Schad.
*** Don Surber comments on Obama's presidency at this point:

Being president sucks right now. It will get worse. His programs are a failure. His party does not like him. So he sent Biden to talk to the party and Clinton to talk to the press.
At this point, it is merely symbolic of a resignation. A bad weekend. But it certainly is not something I have seen before in presidential politics.

***Interesting column by Rich Lowry:

The unemployment rates are part of a growing divergence between the fortunes of the college educated and the rest of the country, including proverbial Middle America. In his new study, “When Marriage Disappears,” University of Virginia scholar Brad Wilcox details how the college-educated have embraced traditional mores and habits — especially the formation of stable families — while they erode among everyone else.
Our elites, broadly defined as the top third of our society, aren’t nearly as decadent as advertised. According to Wilcox’s data, the highly educated (with a college diploma or higher) are less likely to divorce, less likely to have children out of wedlock, and less likely to commit adultery than the moderately educated (high-school degree or some college) and the least-educated (no high-school diploma).

Read the whole thing.

***Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? Cancun has record low temperatures during Global Warming fiasco.

***Bush v. Gore revisited.

***Wow, talk about abuse of power. Check this out.


What a mess.

***Study: Friends at church bring happiness. I knew that!

***Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. ~~ John 8:32

***Have a great day!

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