Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

It is the soldier, not the reporter, Who has given us freedom of the press. It is the soldier, not the poet, Who has given us freedom of speech. It is the soldier, not the campus organizer, Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate. It is the soldier who salutes the flag, Who serves beneath the flag, And whose coffin is draped by the flag, Who allows the protester to burn the flag. – Father Denis E. O’Brien, USMC

America is not at war. The Marine Corps is at war. America is at the mall. − Note on blackboard, USMC, Quantico, VA, 2007

We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. − Attributed to Winston Churchill, also attributed to George Orwell

For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “chuck him out, the brute!” But it’s “Saviour of ’is country” when the guns begin to shoot. – Rudyard Kipling, “Tommy”

If a man hasn't discovered something he will die for, he isn't fit to live. − Martin Luther King Jr.

I have seen much war in my life, and I detest it profoundly. But there are worse things than war, and they all come with defeat. − Ernest Hemingway

See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction. − Isaiah 48:10

***We get to see Emily & Peter tonight, along with Johnny and Peter's parents. We're meeting for dinner in Dayton. Their schedules have prevented us from getting together as much as we'd like. Emily's working at Starbucks now, and her hours vary a lot, so it's rare for them to get a day off together. We're really looking forward to seeing them!

***A pedophile guide on Amazon? I hadn't heard about this until this morning, but I'm certainly going to check it out. You should, too, and tell Amazon how you feel after you do.

UPDATE: Just found this - apparently enough people complained that Amazon decided to pull the title.

***Soon-to-be Speaker Boehner says he has flown commercial for 20 years and will continue to do so as Speaker. The end of Air Pelosi! She insisted on only the best, her own military aircraft, etc., to get around - along with her family, on some occasions.

***Oh, for heaven's sake. Look at the new labels the FDA is proposing to REQUIRE on cigarette packages. More useless government regulation, what a surprise.

***What Bush misses most.

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore
Christopher Columbus

***Have a great day!


  1. Just caught some clips of this morning's "The Price Is Right" where the show's Drew Carey-designed format used three quirks that have become signature for this show -- contestants introduced by rank, a live Marine Band playing "The Stars and Stripes Forever" during the introduction and winner's service song afterwards, and Drew's entrance behind a Color Guard.

    All the criticism aside, Drew's support of the troops should whip Barbara Walters, Joy Behar, and liberals' anti-Americanism. But blue markets are more prevalent, and feminism has destroyed daytime's gamers.

  2. Awesome! I'm not much of a Drew Carey fan, but I sure like that!