Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nothin' New

***Other than getting my hair trimmed and taking Mom some coffee and a bracelet she had me order for her, my day will be spent here at my trusty computer.

***You've got to be kidding. Britain is going to pay millions to ex-Guantanamo Bay inmates - TERRORISTS - because of alleged torture. This is ... I can't find the word...

***Wow. New emails come to light in Black Panther case. Watch the rats scuttle when the light of day hits...wonder who Obama will throw under the bus this time? Holder?

***Another dumb twit actor makes a dumb twit statement. This time it's Kevin Spacey:

(CNSNews.com)- Emmy award-winning actor Kevin Spacey, star of the new film “Casino Jack,” says he blames television networks “to some degree” for lobbyist influence on the political process. He says television networks should run legitimate political ads “for free” as a public service.

As Michelle says, Hollywood types give big bucks to politicians, mostly liberal ones. Perhaps movie tickets should be free, as a public service. No wait, that would be a public menace, considering the junk that's coming out of Hollywood.


From John Hinderaker at Power Line:

We once had a President who stepped up and took responsibility for tough decisions. Now we have a President who, child-like, can't take responsibility for anything, and thinks that finger-pointing constitutes governance. It is a sad contrast.

***Rangel walks out of his ethics trial. Call me cynical, but I doubt the man gets more than a slap on the wrist. If by some miracle he gets what he deserves, the cries of RACIST will be heard far and wide.

***Bicycle patriotism prevails!!

***Chris Christie is awesome! Check this out: "Let me help you pack."

***This story will infuriate you, and I hope move you to action. An Army Ranger, 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna killed a terrorist while defending himself. Now he has been sentenced to 25 years IN PRISON. This is inexcusable. Check out DefendMichael.com for the whole story and to see how you can help.

***"Car Santa." Neat story.

***"It is amazing the ingenuity Democrats invest in concocting explanations of voter behavior that erase what voters always care about, and this year more than ever - ideas. This election was a nationwide recoil against Barack Obama's idea of unlimited government." George Will.

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