Sunday, November 7, 2010


***Well, I might have made a mistake yesterday! I joined Facebook, which I said I'd never do because of the time factor. I kept having people want to "friend" me, and I was starting to feel a little snotty! Also, I wanted another venue to drive traffic to my blog, if you must know. :-) Anyway, I can see where it can be a real time sucker, and if that starts to be a problem for me I'll have to cut it off. That's why I got rid of AOL Instant Messenger - I was spending too much time chatting and my work was beginning to suffer. Hopefully I can practice a bit more restraint with Facebook. We'll see. I have to admit it's a good way to keep in touch with people you normally wouldn't communicate with as much - like my niece who is a missionary in Africa. Kinda fun to see what she's doing every day.

***Did you set your clocks back? Daylight Savings Time is over!

***Gay Patriot's take on Barney Frank. Gotta love it!

***Check out the 10 Worst States for Businesses in America. Here's a surprise for you - most of them are blue states. Wonder if there's a connection??

***"The Right, All Along" is a Fox News documentary on conservatism in America. If this were done by NBC, ABC, etc., I wouldn't bother. But this sounds like something worth watching.

***Here's real class.

***Yep, here's how he thinks...

***The picture of pompous arrogance. You got it - Barack Obama.

***Teens say happiness comes from family. Well, that's good news!

A poll conducted in April by the Associated Press and mtv indicates that what makes teens happy is not what some might expect. Although money, sex, music and other factors were examined by the study, the top answer teens gave to the open-ended question “What makes you happy?” was spending time with family.

***DARN. I still can't embed a video. Check this out, it is amazing! All of these dancers are deaf-mute.

***There's no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you. ~~ Will Rogers

***Have a great day!

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