Tuesday, November 23, 2010


***Like a dummy, I let myself run out of one of my blood pressure meds last week. I've been really busy, so I didn't get to the doctor to get another prescription. I had my mom take my blood pressure a couple of days ago and it was 190/108. Woops! I went yesterday and got my prescription. I was really hoping to get off these pills after losing so much weight, but my bariatric doc said my hypertension must be genetic and I'll just have to put up with it. Sheesh.

***Speaking of dummies, how about this Oklahoma judge overruling the people with regard to Sharia law? This is just unbelievable. Read this article, and judge for yourself. You'll do a better job than she did.

***Animal rescuers seeking homes for 1000 rats. You read that right. Any takers?

***Another GOP pickup after recount in Texas. The Republicans now hold 241 seats, the most since 1949.

***Taliban leader in secret talks was an impostor. Imagine if this had happened under Bush's watch. Just imagine.

***Picture of a sunspot. Neat, huh?

***Stan Musial turns 90 years old on Sunday. Here are some fun facts.

***Clear as the nose on your face.

The combined expenditures of federal, state and local government are rapidly taking over our economy. At the beginning of President Obama's term, government spending made up 35 percent of gross domestic product. Now, it is up to almost 45 percent, which puts us seventh among advanced economies.
 The Democrats and President Obama are slowly destroying our economy. Now that they have the House, the Republicans have to be very aggressive in trying to stop it.

***Crazy stuff confiscated in Customs. A tiger cub?

***"One thing history has taught over and over again: if you ignore your rights, they will go away." ~~ Rush Limbaugh

***Have a great day!

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