Sunday, November 21, 2010


***It has been a cloudy weekend - I really got spoiled by all that nice weather we've had. Still not too cold yet, though, so I'll take it.

***Oh, for heaven's sake. In Britain they want to force cigarette makers to put their product in plain packages to make them less attractive. Here's a thought - why not let people make their own decisions? It's amazing how these governments - ours included - think they know best when it comes to how we run our lives, down to the most minute detail. They don't call it the Nanny State for nothing.

***I like this:

Okay, maybe a little tacky, but then, so are they.

***Is Harry Potter's magic tomorrow's technology? This article is fascinating. They're working on "magic" wands, flying cars, and memory enhancers. Check out the flying car!

***Barney Frank is a bad, bad man (and I use that term loosely). He, like so many liberals, is a pathological liar. Just listen to the chutzpah.

***Joe Biden is the most, geez, what's the word??? Un-Vice-Presidential? Could this have been more condescending?

Last night Vice President Biden sat down for an interview with Larry King – his 49th appearance on the CNN host’s program.

The always-loquacious vice president had a colorful message for the Afghans regarding the timeline for transferring security by 2014, a plan that will be outlined here at the NATO summit in Lisbon.

“Daddy is going to start to take the training wheels off in October -- I mean in next July, so you'd better practice riding,” he said.

This man represents the United States of America? What a totally stupid, stupid statement. What an *insult* to the Afghans! It's amazing to me that the same leftist idiots who said President Bush was an international embarrassment are absolutely silent when it comes to the Bozo Biden.

***Homeless man finds and returns $3300.00. Great story.

***Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone.  ~G.B. Stern

***Have a great day!

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