Saturday, October 2, 2010

What Could Be Better?

***Today'll be fun - yard saling this morning with Mom, 4th Street Fair this afternoon (local fall festival with lots of crafts & stuff), cookout, cornhole, and fire pit this evening with Mark's family. Gonna be a great day! It's supposed to be another glorious Indiana fall day, too.

***More Harry Potter books?

***The thrill is gone. Only 39% would re-elect Obama if the election were held tomorrow. Where the heck have those 39% been these last two years??

***The more I read about this Tyler Clementi story, the sadder it makes me. Here's one reporter's take.

What kind of a people have we become that we find joy and comfort in the misfortunes of others? What kind of people have we become that we find pleasure in exploiting the secret places of another’s life?

Have we reached an age in this nation where destroying lives has become something of a spectator sport?

I've often wondered at the popularity of "reality" TV. First of all, that anyone can believe those shows are not scripted to some extent. Secondly, the abject stupidity, usually, of the subject matter and the subjects themselves. I just don't get it.

***Okay, you've all heard about the "it took time to free the slaves" remark, right? Michael Ramirez has a great cartoon out:

Click to enlarge.

***Liar. And this time it's not even Obama I'm talking about.

***Al Gore and global warming called a fraud in Tampa during rally. Way to go, Tampa!

***Coffee and tea lower brain cancer risk? Hey, I'm in great shape! I love my coffee.

***Check this out. It's a watermelon carving! More here.

***Ronald Reagan voted Greatest American. Amen to that.

***Example is the school of mankind, and they will learn at no other.  ~Edmund Burke

***Have a great day!

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  1. People will do anything to trash someone to the point they will lie to advance an agenda. In government school, after I had attended a speech from a celebrity, they started saying she used "horse steroids". But that wasn't enough. They then began saying it was my birthday every day and I was six hundred three score six years old, and then they charged I was in a homosexual relationship with a guy I never saw or knew. That's Alinskyism.

    Liberals will like if they hate you and want you out. I was forced into that school after a college-prep school turned kids into fondling my breasts, throwing glasses into urine, and attacking me every move in the hall. I couldn't study.

    They're cheering and some have married and are big shots, but I have been scarred here my love life is one that still yearns for the right woman.

    Now you have homosexual activist groups using the college student's case and wanting to charge it as a hate crime under Shepard-Byrd in order to advance their agenda. I said last year after Shepard-Byrd was passed it was the loss of Freedom of Religion since if you say anything in the Bible that conflicts with homosexuality, it was an automatic hate crime.