Monday, October 18, 2010

Short 'n Sweet

***Hey all - gonna be in and out today! Got a pile to do - the computer I connect to in order to do my surgeons' work kept freezing up on me yesterday, so I couldn't get as much done as I needed to. I'm hoping it's better this morning.

***Obama's latest stupid remark? "The Empire is Striking Back," referring to the GOP. What the heck?!

***The trauma is Obama!

***Man spells out marriage proposal on baseball diamond. Cheesy, but romantic!

***This is kinda long - but it has a great message!


So many things to do, I'm always rushing 'round
I wish that I had time to just sit still
I'll get done all the things I need to do today
I promise then I'll stop a while, I will

And so I start to tackle the list of chores I made
I'll make this house look really spick and span
I'll tidy up and wash the floor and vac and dust as well
Clean the bathrooms, clean the house – I know I can

A friend rings up. She's feeling down. She wants to come around
She asks if I have time to talk a while
I stop to make a coffee and lend a listening ear
I have nothing to give except my smile

Then, when she's feeling better and she knows that she's been heard
She thanks me and then she goes on her way
I look around my house and continue with my chores
For I am going to get somewhere today

The telephone then rings. My son's teacher's on the phone
She wants me to come down and get him now
I go down to the school and I bring my sick child home
I’ll clean this house up later on somehow

And later when the kids are home; 'Mum, I need to talk'
And so I stop to listen for a while
My daughter tells me how she feels, she opens up her heart
Then, when she knows I've heard her, she can smile

When the night has come, I wonder, 'what did I achieve?'
And, then I look back on all I have done
The house is still not tidy and there’s still so much to do
Just like it was when I had first begun

But, then I stop and realise my priorities are right
For when someone’s in need then, I am there
I give to them the time they need and help them where I can
I let them know how much I really care

For when the years have passed and my kids have all moved out
They will feel the love and warmth I had to give
And I know that they'll remember the lessons that they learnt
In self-worth and in how they choose to live

Written by Michelle Tetley 

***A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain.  ~Arabian Proverb

***Have a great day! 

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