Thursday, September 2, 2010


***Remember the biceps tendinitis I was telling you about a few posts back? Well, apparently my lap swimming is the biggest culprit. I swam about 1/2 mile yesterday morning and last night my shoulders and biceps were REALLY hurting, and they still are. Great, my favorite way to exercise and now it hurts!

***Harry Reid soundboard. This is funny. This is a collection of some of Harry Reid's less than stellar remarks.

***The gunman at the Discovery Channel yesterday was a left-wing enviro-nut. Imagine if he had been a member of the Tea Party. How do you think the coverage of THAT would be?

***Deval Patrick wishes it wasn't a free country - well, for conservatives, anyway. How charming.

***More reasons to support Carly Fiorina against Barbara Boxer. She is a disgrace to the Senate.

***Michael Douglas has stage 4 throat cancer.

***Ever read Guideposts? There are some great inspirational stories there - here is their web site.

***This is neat - it's an arch made of elk antlers in Wyoming.

*** come Hurricane Earl!

***The advance of liberty is the path to both a safer and better world. ~~ George W. Bush

***Have a great day!

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