Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Republican Pledge to America

***This is definitely a step in the right direction. Here is a breakdown by the NRO editors of the successor to the Contract with America that helped sweep Republicans to a congressional majority in 1994. The Pledge to America is even bolder, and is, frankly, brilliant, in my opinion. Check it out.

***This really frosts me. The replacement of the incandescent bulb by those stupid, mercury-containing "green" bulbs irritates the fire out of me. I'm building up a stockpile of incandescents before they're gone. It's amazing that people think those compact fluorescents are going to save the planet. Baloney. It's just another way to control us. I'm not going to play until I have no choice.

***More on the Pledge to America.

***E.J. Dionne is in denial.  Apparently the Tea Party movement is a scam and not really that big a deal at all. Really? Tell that to Lisa Murkowski and Mike Castle.

***Another Democrat caught in a lie. What a surprise.

***The rich say the darndest things. This isn't a slam on rich people, I want to be one someday. This is a slam on CLUELESS rich people. Think Paris Hilton.

***76-year-old salsa dancer makes Guinness Book of World Records.


***Don't find fault.  Find a remedy.  ~Henry Ford

***Have a great day!


  1. What I think will happen is the incandescent bulbs will move to 130 volt "rough service" bulbs (which cannot be banned because of loopholes). All plants are gone, however, thanks to Obama.

    But the law that Pelosi, Reid, and Obama passed with a forced supermajority with the no debate or discussion style is also responsible for the demise of Detroit with its fuel economy standard that has led to more Chinese cars built in Chicago to be praised by Obama and the media. That entire law needs repeal.

    We were burned by mercury that leaked from one that failed and exploded in the home, so we switched to an LED since incandescent bulbs were not suitable for this device.

    I wonder if the feds are now run by a green movement that ignores facts and goes with feelings. We need an alcohol fuel tax of $5 per gallon of alcohol used for street gasoline (not racing gasoline) and a tax break when no alcohol is used in gasoline sales. After all, they ban "inefficient" lightbulbs, but they mandate inefficient motor fuel. Hypocrisy? Not when the corn lobby is in control.

    P. S. I wrote this parody -- Lady Gaga is indicted and faces a jury trial!

  2. I don't wonder at all - we're run by a movement that hides behind the word "green" but is really after "power." They don't care any more about the environment than they do anything else, it's just a convenient way to get what they want.