Friday, September 24, 2010

Lots Going On!

***We're having some minor work done today in our house, and then this evening my daughter and her husband are taking us out for my belated birthday dinner. Can't wait to see them! We're having company for dinner tomorrow, so we'll have to do some major cleaning in the morning. Mark is really anal about the house when company's comin'.

***The more I read about the Republican Pledge to America, the more I like it. Here's Rush's take. As he says, they gotta follow through.

***Oh, for heaven's sake. There's a feminist group all up in arms over Harry Reid saying Sen. Kirsten Gillebrand is the "hottest" member in the senate. C'mon, he's said a lot worse. This is silly.

***What a total jerk. This guy is *teaching* college students. Check out his manifesto against remembering 9-11 victims during a football game:

The vast majority of 9/11 observances in this country cannot be seen as politically neutral events. Implicit in their nature are the notions that lives lost at the World Trade Center are more valuable than lives lost in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and elsewhere; that the motives of the 9/11 attackers had nothing to do with genuine grievances in the Islamic world regarding American imperialism; and that the U.S. has been justified in the subsequent killing of hundreds of thousands in so-called retaliation.

The observance at Saturday’s football game was no different. A moment of silence was followed by a military airplane flyover; in between, Block-I students chanted “USA, USA.” This was neither patriotism nor remembrance in any justifiable sense, but politicization, militarism, propaganda and bellicosity. The University is a public institution that encompasses the political views of all, not just the most (falsely) “patriotic.” Athletic planners should cease such exploitation for political purposes. They might at least consider how most Muslim students, American or otherwise, would respond to this nativist display; or better, Muslims and others that live their lives under the threat of our planes, drones and soldiers.

The overwhelmingly white, privileged, Block-I students should be ashamed of their obnoxious, fake-macho, chicken-hawk chant, while poverty-drafted members of their cohort fight and die in illegal and immoral wars for the control of oil. University administrators need to eliminate from all events such “patriotic” observances, which in this country cannot be separated from implicit justifications for state-sponsored killing.

I'll say it again. This guy is a "University Academic Professional" at the University of Illinois. Scary stuff.

***Love this column by Ann Coulter. She certainly has a way with words, and is not afraid to call out conservatives as well as liberals in their hypocrisy. Check it out.

***Rats abandoning sinking ship.

Um, wow.

***I'm gonna be sick...

***A morning without coffee is like sleep.  ~Author Unknown

***Have a great day!

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