Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bright-Eyed and - No, Not Really...

***God made 3:00 a.m. WAY too early. Gotta get my work done early, though, today is Meals on Wheels day with Mom.

***Republicans hang tough - no Obama recess appointments during this recess. At least we won't get any more appointments like this one.

***"Happy Coffins." No, really.

***Here is what the Left really thinks of the Constitution. It's "weird" that Congresscritters should consider the constitutionality of their bills before passing them. Huh?

***Dad objects to Pee Wee Football League's midfield pre-game prayers. Idiot.

***Patty Murray - it's amazing to me that someone this dim is a U.S. Senator. But then, we also have Al Franken...

***10 most overpriced products. Yeah, but I don't like to cut up vegetables!! And seriously, don't *even* try to take away my bottled water...

***The Complete Inventor's Guide. I'm glad to see this. I have an idea for a cool product, and have no idea how to go about making it a reality. This article is a good start!

***Is this cool, or what??

Bridge between Sweden and Denmark showing the part
above the water that leads to the tunnel below the water. ...

***When you say that you agree with a thing in principle you mean that you have not the slightest intention of carrying it out in practice.  ~Otto von Bismarck

***Have a great day! 

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