Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to Normal

***Whatever THAT is. I got a lot accomplished yesterday. Mark went to his mom's house to do some work for her in her yard, I stayed here and transcribed - plus did some major cleaning to Johnny's room. What a pit! I'd type a while, clean a while, type a while, etc. It was so nice out, though, that along about 5:00 I went to Tim Hortons, got a coffee, and sat out on the patio and read for about an hour and a half. That was relaxing!

***What a child. "They talk about me like a dog." There's a reason for that, President Obama.

***It's always amazing to listen to Obama's lap dogs try to defend him and try to tell us he's doing a good job. Sure, I know that's their job, but at some point doesn't principle step in? I know...first you gotta have some before it can step in...

***Here's a picture of a sunspot.

Looks like the Eye of Sauron, doesn't it?

***Stephen Hawking picks physics over God for Big Bang. He claims that something can come from nothing. So nothing blew up, and here we are. Makes sense to me.

***Oh PuhLeeze. Obama actually uttered the words, "The buck stops here!" Then why do you blame George W. Bush for everything that happens?? Give us a break.

***Next time you hear someone crying about the lack of education funding, show this to them.

***Colorado high school student told to remove American flags from truck. Somebody remind this doofus school security person that this is AMERICA.

***Any sufficiently advanced bureaucracy is indistinguishable from molasses. ~~ Unknown

***Have a great day!

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