Saturday, June 18, 2016

G'Bye Again!

***Well, I just don't have time for blogging. As much as I love it when I do have the time, my company is growing and something's gotta go. Maybe sometime in the future things will slow down and I can do this again. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Great Weekend!

***It has been a nice weekend. Yesterday there were a ton of yard sales to visit (yes, I'm that easy to please), and Mom & I had a great morning shopping. Elder-Beerman has perpetual sales, so of course we went there and picked up some bargains. She loves that store. My aunt always asks us to bring her some tomatoes from the Amish store, so after our Amish store run we visited with her for a while. I spent the afternoon working, then Mark & I went looking at cars yet again. We have narrowed our search to the Honda CRV, the GMC Terrain, and the Chevrolet Equinox. They're all starting to run together now, I'm at the point where I told Mark to just pick one, & I'll be happy with it. Today we get to see Emily & Peter & Johnathan! After church Mark's family & us (we? need to look that up) are going to meet them at the Cheesecake Factory at The Green to celebrate Emily's birthday. Hard to believe she's 29, where did the years go?? It just so happens that the Cheesecake Factory is right across the street from a huge bookstore. Since I only have about 20 books in line to read, I'll obviously have to get a couple more.

Birth of a Song
A TRUE Story -- by Thomas A. Dorsey

Precious Lord - Thomas A. DorseyBack in 1932, I was 32 years old and a fairly new husband. My wife, Nettie and I were living in a little apartment on Chicago's Southside. One hot August afternoon I had to go to St. Louis, where I was to be the featured soloist at a large revival meeting. I didn't want to go. Nettie was in the last month of pregnancy with our first child. But a lot of people were expecting me in St. Louis. I kissed Nettie good-bye, clattered downstairs to our Model A and, in a fresh Lake Michigan breeze, chugged out of Chicago on Route 66.
However, outside the city, I discovered that in my anxiety at leaving, had forgotten my music case. I wheeled around and headed back. I found Nettie sleeping peacefully. I hesitated by her bed; something was strongly telling me to stay. But eager to get on my way, and not wanting to disturb Nettie, I shrugged off the feeling and quietly slipped out of the room with my music.
The next night, in the steaming St. Louis heat, the crowd called on me to sing again and again. When I finally sat down, a messenger boy ran up with a Western Union telegram. I ripped open the envelope. Pasted on the yellow sheet were the words: YOUR WIFE JUST DIED. People were happily singing and clapping around me, but I could hardly keep from crying out. I rushed to a phone and called home. All I could hear on the other end was "Nettie is dead. Nettie is dead."
When I got back, I learned that Nettie had given birth to a boy. I swung between grief and joy. Yet that night, the baby died. I buried Nettie and our little boy together, in the same casket. Then I fell apart. For days I closeted myself. I felt that God had done me an injustice. I didn't want to serve Him any more or write gospel songs. I just wanted to go back to that jazz world I once knew so well.
But then, as I hunched alone in that dark apartment those first sad days, I thought back to the afternoon I went to St. Louis. Something kept telling me to stay with Nettie. Was that something God? Oh, if I had paid more attention to Him that day, I would have stayed and been with Nettie when she died. From that moment on I vowed to listen more closely to Him.
But still I was lost in grief. Everyone was kind to me, especially a friend, Professor Frye, who seemed to know what I needed. On the following Saturday evening he took me up to Madam Malone's Poro College, a neighborhood music school. It was quiet; the late evening sun crept through the curtained windows. I sat down at the piano, and my hands began to browse over the keys.
Something happened to me then I felt at peace. I feel as though I could reach out and touch God. I found myself playing a melody, one I'd never heard or played before, and the words into my head-they just seemed to fall into place:

"Precious Lord, take my hand,
lead me on, let me stand!
I am tired, I am weak,
I am worn, Through the storm,
through the night lead me on to the light,
Take my hand, precious Lord, Lead me home."

The Lord gave me these words and melody. He also healed my spirit. I learned that when we are in our deepest grief, when we feel farthest from God, this is when He is closest, and when we are most open to His restoring power. And so I go on living for God willingly and joyfully, until that day comes when He will take me and gently lead me home.

***In my day, we didn't have self-esteem, we had self-respect, and no more of it than we had earned.  ~Jane Haddam

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hope it Helps!

***Just ordered one of these:

Standing Desk VARIDESK Pro Plus 36

It's a sit-to-stand desk. I can't get the full desk because I have a big glass L-shaped desk and it's not going anywhere! I read the reviews on this desktop model though, and everyone says it's very sturdy. It ought to be for what it costs! I especially like that I can get two screens on it, that will be more convenient than my setup now. I've never been really interested in one before because I didn't think I would be able to comfortably use my foot pedal. Now, though, I do more proofreading and posting to the EMR than typing, I let my girls have the lines, so I should be able to stand about 75% of my day. That should help my back and legs. Looking forward to getting it and seeing how it works out.

***These kinds of judges are what you get when you elect liberals: Appeals court rules Americans don't have the right to carry concealed guns.  These is the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, known for its liberal leanings and high rate of having their rulings overturned. Still, it's disturbing that there are judges on the bench who haven't the first clue about the Constitution.

***Obama endorses Hillary Clinton, then has private meeting with Attorney General. Gosh, wonder what that was about?

The corruption of this administration is jaw-dropping, and will only continue if she is elected. Amazing that so many don't see that.



My Heart Leaps Up

My heart leaps up when I behold
A Rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!
The Child is father of the man;
And I wish my days to be
Bound each to each by natural piety.
William Wordsworth

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Good Points

***As sad as it is, Jay Nordlinger makes some great points in his latest piece at National Review Online. It gives me no pleasure to agree with 90% of what he says. I have not left the Republican party, but I am certainly disappointed in it.

A few excerpts:

In my view, Trump is grossly unfit to be president, in both mind and character — especially the latter. Even if I agreed with him on the issues — even if I thought his worldview sound — I would balk at supporting him, owing to the issue of character. But let me spend a second on the issues. His tendency is toward big government. He says no to a reform of entitlements. He says no to free trade. He threatens to withdraw from NATO. He likes Obama’s unilateral opening to Cuba. He sings the praises of Planned Parenthood. And so on. What he calls for, mainly, is strength, plus “winning.” This is not the mentality of a constitutional conservative or a liberal democrat. Then, overshadowing everything, there is the issue of character. Trump mocks the handicapped — physically mocks them — for the enjoyment of his audience. He insults women on the basis of their looks. He brags of the women he has bedded, including “seemingly very happily married” ones. He mocks the religions of others. (Distinctly un-American.) He implied that Ted Cruz’s father had a link to the Kennedy assassination. And on and on.

  It really does make me sick that he is the Republican nominee. 

***Electronic Medical Records has been a flop so far. I work for a lot of doctors offices, and I have yet to hear one positive word about it. It's all about documentation, not patient care. This is a long article, but worth the read.

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***The price of greatness is responsibility. ~~ Winston Churchill

The price of greatness is responsibility. Winston Churchill
Read more at:
The price of greatness is responsibility. Winston Churchill
Read more at:

Saturday, June 4, 2016

They Just Can't Help Themselves

***A liberal can't just give a commencement address with congratulations and well wishes, no, they have to advance their agenda: First "Lady" Obama takes swipe at Trump during address. (quotes added by me).

Obama made the remarks in a commencement speech at City College of New York, in Harlem, praising the school for having a diverse student body, which she said “some folks” fail to value.
"They seem to view our diversity as a threat to be contained rather than as a resource to be tapped," she said. "They tell us to be afraid of those who are different, to be suspicious of those with whom we disagree.”
She also said Americans “don't build up walls to keep people out because we know that our greatness has always depended on contributions from people who were born elsewhere but sought out this country and made it their home."

False statement. Our greatness depends on Americans being Americans, no matter where they came from, and on the government staying the heck out of the way. Liberals will never, ever get that, because they think they know best.  Diversity is just a trumped up term designed to divide us. It doesn't matter, or it shouldn't. A person's worth is not determined by his or her ethnicity, but by his or her character, determination, and work ethic. Yet another thing liberals will never get.

***Here's how liberals do things: Vox editor suspended for encouraging riots at Trump rallies.

 You can rest assured that this coward would never been seen anywhere near the violence, he just encourages it from the safety of his office. I'm glad they suspended him.

Imagine the outcry from the Left if a conservative encouraged rioting at a Clinton rally.

***This is what happens when a Republican goes squishy. Republican governor Nathan Deal of Georgia has recently vetoed gun rights on college campuses and a religious liberty bill which would have protected people who don't support same sex marriages. As a result, his poll numbers are plummeting. Good. He needs to be voted out.


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You Promised!
Every father figures out a cheap solution to kid problems—promise them anything. Works every time—at least at first. Every father also overpromises, going to that well just a little too often, and then the kids call your bluff. “Hey—you said we were going to McDonalds.” “Hey—you promised to take us to the state fair!” “Hey—you said this was the year we were going to see the ocean.”
When you’re busted by your kids, you realize that some damage has been done. Your credibility is shot, at least for now. Your ability to buy family peace with a promise is gone—they don’t believe you anymore. “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life” (Proverbs 13:12).
How’s your heart doing right now? Have you been severely disappointed? lied to? let down? One of the most beautiful aspects of our relationship with God is that he never overpromises. He means everything he says. He delivers on time, every time.
Think back to the blessings that only God could have sent—the financial relief, the love of friends, the joy of family—and pause to remember and enjoy the fulfillments of your longings. God is good!


***“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
Oscar Wilde

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sanctimonious Boobs

***This incident with the gorilla and the child gets more mind-boggling by the day. The mother involved has been raked over the coals, maligned, called awful names by people who call themselves compassionate and  have no idea what really happened. That there should be this much outrage over a friggin' ape when there was a child's life at stake is amazing - and maddening. Now they want to bring the parents up on criminal charges. I'm SO glad these people were the perfect parents and had perfect children. Now they want the government telling us how to parent? I would kill 1000 gorillas if it saved one child. I've seen people tweet that they think it would have been better for the mother to have been shot and let the ape live. That person should be institutionalized, as should everyone who agreed with her. I've seen otherwise reasonable people (except when it comes to animals, then they have no sense at all, but that's another post), put up a meme with a picture of the gorilla and the caption "I had to die because some bitch wasn't watching her child." That is just hateful and vile. Again, nobody knows for sure exactly what happened, but by golly a gorilla was killed and that's a national catastrophe. Apparently those people chiding the mother have never had a small child who disobeyed them. Anyone who has had a child knows how quickly something can happen. Use that compassion you claim you have and try to imagine the mother's horror at seeing her son being dragged around by a 450 lb gorilla. Let's throw your kid in there and see if you think the zoo should have hesitated before shooting him.

***If you're wondering how low the Democrat party can sink, here you go: 71% of Democrats think Clinton should keep running even if indicted.

Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.

***Venezuelans wait 7 hours for water. This is what the Left wants to bring to America, folks.

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***“In the present case it is a little inaccurate to say I hate everything. I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honesty and common decency. This makes me forever ineligible to any public office of trust or profit in the Republic. But I do not repine, for I am a subject of it only by force of arms.”
H.L. Mencken

Monday, May 30, 2016


In Your Honor

Unselfishly, you left your fathers and your mothers,
You left behind your sisters and your brothers.
Leaving your beloved children and wives,
You put on hold, your dreams-your lives.
On foreign soil, you found yourself planted
To fight for those whose freedom you granted.
Without your sacrifice, their cause would be lost
 But you carried onward, no matter the cost.

Many horrors you had endured and seen.
Many faces had haunted your dreams.
You cheered as your enemies littered the ground;
 You cried as your brothers fell all around.

When it was over, you all came back home,
Some were left with memories to face all alone;
Some found themselves in the company of friends
 As their crosses cast shadows across the land.

Those who survived were forever scarred
Emotionally, physically, permanently marred.
Those who did not now sleep eternally
 'Neath the ground they had given their lives to keep free.

With a hand upon my heart, I feel The pride and respect; my reverence is revealed
In the tears that now stream down my upturned face
 As our flag waves above you, in her glory and grace.
Freedom was the gift that you unselfishly gave
Pain and death was the price that you ultimately paid.
Every day, I give my utmost admiration
To those who had fought to defend our nation.
~ Author Unknown ~

***Honor what they died for, and fight liberalism at every turn.

***Our soldiers aren't fighting for America to become socialist, they are fighting for the very opposite - so that we can remain free and America can be what the Founders intended. Remember the fallen today as you enjoy time with family. Remember the families of those who didn't come back.

12 This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.
13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:12-13